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  1. Hey sorry for late reply forgot my details for site lol Freestyledash 2.0rc one of the early versions the file is in the default xzp file of the skin.
  2. Not to worry thanks for help man , I guess I could try switching things in the Skin and replace the credits.xma with this one and just try and record of the TV lol
  3. Tryed ToWav drag drop and a Bat file that came with it and xmaencode gives me an error it cant find the file or unsupported file type? thanks for your help though guys it shame the original About Music be nice for my Phone Ringtone lol.
  4. Hey anyone have an MP3 etc or a way to convert the original freestyler about music file from FSD 2.0 I think I have the file credits.xma but have no idea how to convert or even play it. Any help appreciated Thanks
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