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  1. Last changes I made to my set up was to remove all the DLC from the USB drives pending me getting a better set, that was a couple of months ago Today I fired up the 360 and cleaned up the DLC paths and assets and played some games with my sone I've noticed that box art on maybe 30% of the games is black and white whilst the rest are colour I can go into a game that's shown in black and white and select a new box art cover that is shown in colour but when selected displays in B&W Anyone see this before? More annoying than critical!
  2. asfish

    USB Devices

    Ok thanks, tried booting to MS Dash and it still complains about the disc Tried all USB and connections and inserting it before the game boots, no joy So will try in on a mates 360 tomorrow, if that works I will l buy £40 360 from Facebook. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On another note, I can't get the FTP to work, I the 360 IP will not ping, If I pull out the ethernet cable no IP is reported so its getting to my DHCP I reset my Velop and forced a new IP with no change, disabled my firewall, tried to ping on 3 devices still nothing. I have an FTP module all enable with the password and username set but the 360 can't be seen Any ideas? Been a while since I used this but FTP was fine last time
  3. Hi all i bought a Lego dimensions starter pack for my son. It came from Facebook market place but the box had been opened once and everything inside was still sealed so confident that it’s never been used. I started off with the game disc and had issues with an update with errors saying it has a dirty disc So then I ripped the game to the HD and it all worked ok and the game started up. Once you start a new game a screen pops up asking you to connect the USB device that comes with game. This allows the lego figures to interact with game when I plug in device it flashes once but the game doesn't see it. can I expect the device to be seen in Aurora dash? my next step would be to boot to the MS dash and try the game disc, having some issues with FTP there though as the dash IP doesn’t respond to ping so have some local network trouble shooting to do later of course I could have a broken USB device but just wanted to check if there are any blocks with aurora and USB devices ( aside from Kinect) Thanks for any help !
  4. asfish

    Covers and XBLA

    Hi Everyone, I just bought a new JTag 360. In terms of drives its set up as follows 250GB internal drive that will have a few games and system files etc 2TB USB 2.5 inch full of 360 Games 2TB USB 2.5TB with 25% XBLA and 75% Games Been using FS for a while,( this new box is a replacement for my old JTag that gave up with the RROD and that was after a reball.) so I know my way around the dash. The issues I had were that the 360 game covers are fine they go in straight away and are displayed no issue. With XBLA there are a few covers only, this is despite FS downloading the files. What I found fixed it was to go to each game with a missing cover and refresh the artwork, sometimes the cover would be displayed then vanish leaving a grey cover. I found that if I went out of the XBLA menu to the Library then back in covers would appear. Bit of a pain as I have 666 XBLA with maybe 60 covers in place! I do have a question on DLC if anyone can help, I downloaded a huge set of XBLA and DLC, on FS all the DLC appears in the homebrew folder under the library but if I click on anything it doesn't run. In the set I downloaded there is a folder called Titleupdatescache which contains 189 files. Does this need to be coped to the 360? If so where would I put the files? Thanks in advance for any help
  5. Hi Everyone I use a 2TB 3.5 inch HD formatted with FAT 32 to run my FS3 and games The drive is connected to the 360 via an Icybox USB23 docking station Everything works really well, I boot FS3 using a DVD that has the following in the ini file USB:Freestyledefault.xex Recently I got hold of a 4TB HD and split it with a 2.00 and 1.63TB FAT32 partition. I then robocopied all of my original 2TB HD to the 2TB partition and also copied some games on the 2nd 1.63TB. The DVD will now not boot to the 4TB Drive. I’m guessing that as I have a USB0 and a USB1 on there I need to tell the ini where to look. Can anyone tell me what I need to type in the ini file?
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