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  1. Hello Masters! Only 3 things missing for me from Aurora to drop FSD... 1st. A menu for view user avatar... 2nd. Samba Share. 3rd. Hungarian language addon. Thank You
  2. here it is my fix IPs in LAN: ports: TCP and UDP both: 30711, 30721 ports: TCP and UDP both: 30712, 30722 GW: uPNP enabled. These LAN IPs are out of DHCP scopes. Is it possible, the games on the different xboxes tried to use the same upnp ports? (example game: COD GHOSTS TU14, with all DLCs)
  3. Hi Guys! We've got a problem. We have 2 XBOX360s, in different rooms :-) . We'd like to play via LiNK, with others. The boxes are set up in fixed different IPs, different forwarded ports (paired with the right IPs), with different users name. If we'd like to play with together (with others via LiNK) we can see the our and the others user names in the same room, but we can not see our host. (The Games are on the same TU levels and with the same DLCs, of course.) So, what is the possible solution? Thank You!
  4. I've used only one time the NXE2GOD program. It was, when I installed the RGH.... In this case the originally installed gamez was transferred into GOD format... Good in GOD: fewer files than normal extract but after it U can not make special modifications with this format on stored files. and .... You should rip the game before you make it... example remove unnecessary language files, movies, etc... I U don't have enough free space on your HDD(s)...
  5. What we'd like to do in our country... We'd like to pay € 1k for LiNK server as a (VMware based) virtual application (to take it our ISP), and a parameterizable XBOX client (F3) to use this server to connections. This server served only LiNK. The covers, TUs, trainers, demos comes from the original server... This server should be a client of a cluster... (If your main server would be in maintenance mode, this could be the temporary server for others...)
  6. PDAkiller1974

    Diablo III

    Hi Guys! Diablo 3 is out there... Please create room... THX! If there is a same post, please delete this one! (I know there is a PC's browser solution temporary: drop your box into any room and just play...The problem is the unnecessary broadcast and other network messages...) some help: title: 394F07D1media: 68E5958A
  7. APIKEY from here: http://www.worldweatheronline.com/register.aspx
  9. Hello, we've already patched with our APIKEY, and working well. THX! But in the future you should take this apikey to public and changeble into DashLaunch...
  10. It is closing to good, but You know all: this is not enough! You have a really good knowledge and you are walking ahead with miles other developer teams. So I am convinced You can make it much better, and this is just the top of the berg! I know about the possibilities what it is hidden, or not developed yet, example similar or near as the MS Live services... I'd like to expecting in short: You should send offline G points, the favorite in game stats, gamercards... What You use a good -unfortunatelly not an open source- "plugin" with internet connection, with a lot of possibilities... Respect for this hard job but If you help other developers or teams, you will get a lot of new codes, and you could just integrate into it, We are waiting for the next edition! Thank You!
  11. OK Guys. If You would like to test my program, just write me a pm with your skype ID. I'll translate it to English...
  12. We have an existing, already created external tool (unfortunatelly not an "official" authorized solution by JQE) in test phase for windows with skype. Here it is the screenshot: http://kepfeltoltes.hu/view/130112/sample_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg The solution is very simple: We don't need to login into site, or use our LiNK username. In skype, one of us created a chat room and it is based on invitation system (max size of it: 300 peoples). In this group we're grown to lil' bit more than 60 in two weeks. This program use this chat room for searching "friends". In the about myself cell we recorded our LiNK USERNAME. In this program this two data was paired... Our target was very simple: Who playing now, and with which game....
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