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  1. I would also love to see this... I have two XBoxes on my LAN... and some firends on the WWW
  2. I will try this again. I'm not pretty sure if I tried running from DVD with FS3 to be serious... I did use a downloaded copy for HDD as reading the disc did not seem to work correctly when I first read a disc in.
  3. But why does it then not occur with original dash?
  4. Hi I am not really sure if that's a FS3 Problem so if not please kick my ass and close this =) But I think it is as it did not happen when using a DVD over original dash. So here is my problem: Any time I press tha "back" Button to open Kinect Tuner from a Game which has been started from HDD through FS3, the whole XBox will reboot. This can be reproduced unlimited and everytime. Steps: Start XBox with FS3 Start a Kinect-Game from HDD (For example Party in Motion) Wait for the welcome screen where it asks to put your hand up there do not put your hands up but press the back button on the controller CRASH
  5. Hi JPizzle, thanks for your fast answer. I did a quick search but did not find anything to be serious =) No I'm not. And to clear this: I had this nick before the first PSP came out. puss2puss, I think Video Chat is not an option. How would you chat with many people at the same time? The only thing I think what would make sense is a peer to peer video in one on one situations. (Video through a server wold cost much bandwidth) This would require you to open up a port for video receiption though. BUT What I meant when talking about a mesaging system is a email-like feature. Not a chatroom. Though the chatroom would also be cool =)
  6. Hello community, I would like to present you an Idea I had in relation to FS3 / LiNK. I would really love to be able to send a message to my Friends like you can do with a Wii. May it be a invitation to a game session or anything else. Just like an SMS on XBox. Sure it would be possible to create a homebrew App but that would not be the same. This feature would hav to be implemented in FS directly or as a plugin. I would suggest to put an indicator into the bottom bar whowing total count of mails and unread mails. Further I would suggest merging the system with LiNK as you are already registered there if you use networking functionality. Mails should be stored on the server and downloaded on demand. As soon as the mail is on your XBox it should be deleted from the server. As backend you could even use a simple email server using SMTP to transmit and POP3 to receive email. If you do so... What about username@link.jqe360.com This yould even make it possible to send emails to your xbox! And the send-fom on the side of the box could be like that: Username/E-Mail: Subject: Message: Where the first field would eighter be a comma separated list of users or emails or a mix of both. If there is no @ in a name it will be considered as a username and extended by "@link.jqe360.com" Probably you could also implement the firend list here... So many ideas What do you think of this suggestion? I will love to read your thoughts...
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