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  1. I tried to reflow for the second time now and it had no effect on the behaviour. I have done successful reflows before. air rework station with diy under heating. Do not have the skills or tools for reball. Is it possible that this is something else then a GPU related error? Or is it possible the GPU itself is bad and reflow or even a reball would not help? The boot animation is allways identical. At first the xbox ball look allmost normal except for the green dot underneeth the silver ball. Console is 16mb Corona MFR Date 2011-09-21 Edit: After writing back the stock image the console freezes at a new screen i am not familiar. Seems to be some sort of BSOD. This allways happens now after boot animation. As to before i could roam around in the stock dash or Aurora dash and even boot a game. So im calling this console as a junk. If anyone has any more input then please let me know. Else this topic is closed. NB! Click on the image to see larger version. As a side note • Bad Block ID @ 0x2FC [Offset: 0xC4F800] but i do not think it has anything to do with this problem
  2. Xbox 360 is acting weird. Video posted below. RGH was attempted because i hoped it would fix it. Weird thing is booting to xell gives me a perfect video output. If i boot to the dashboard consoles video goes haywire. I am able to boot a game and sometimes the video goes to normal but console freezes. Console allso freezes on dashboard. Any ideas what to try? https://youtu.be/pAPFAHTBnDo
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