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  1. I need help installing it manually aswell . I dont have Cache folder in my HDD.. And im using an original disc for GTA V
  2. Nathan, it seems like my problem. I am only using my HDD, although it's still asking me where to choose on every time.
  3. I usually do. Is therw any option to configure the settings so it'll automatically save on the device I usually choose? Maybe it will work...
  4. Yeah it is asking. But it's not saving the settings.
  5. Hello. Back then before I had the RGH, the settings of my games were being saved. Now, no matter what, I have to configure in every game the brightness, and to add the subtitles, and so on.. Even if I login to my profile before I enter the game. It's so annoying! How can I fix that? Thank you.
  6. How do I update it? USB? And how can I do it with an original disc? Btw, I haven't updated it ever, the game's version is the one I bought it with. How can I check the version to pick the version I need from xboxunity? I really don't know how to do all this stuff..
  7. I didn't get anything. Where can I find the title update and how do I update it?
  8. Hello guys I have an RGH XBOX, I know how to update by games by pressing Y and so on.. Now my question is, I have an original disc of GTA V, is there any option to update it? Thank you.
  9. Hey, I have an RGH Xbox, and I'm playing Fifa 15 all the time, and yesterday suddenly when I'm trying to shoot it shoots really a weak shoot, it actually passes, and I can't play. Tried to re-enter, to change all the settings to default, but nothing helps. Thanks.
  10. Hello. I'm trying to install COD AW to my RGH XBOX, but it seems too difficult, unlike the other two dvd games.. I have an a USB HDD. These are my steps: Extracted the content from disk 1 Transferred it into my USB HDD in Content --- 00000. Converted disk 2 iso with ISO2GOD, and moved it in my games folder in the USB HDD. The game is running, and when I choose campaign, it tells me that I need to download the campaign content. I see many different ways to install this game. So before you answer, just to notify, I've never used FTP, I don't know how to. I said that I have converted the disc 2 with ISO2GOD. If I extract disk 2, and transfer it in a folder in my USB HDD -- games, and run the game, the game is running aswell, and I manage to enter campaign's menu, and after I choose a difficult level, the XBOX sends me a message saying the disc can't run, and I should clean it, bla bla bla.. Thank you Edit: Found out what to do. If anyone would need help with this, just extract the content from the first disc, then extract the whole second disc, then move the second disc to HDD --- games normally, then transfer the content 419 something folder that you extracted to a USB, then in the freestyle menu go to file manager, and transfer the folder we moved to the usb to the MU folder of the HDD (mine is called USB0 (hdd):MU And that's it
  11. Where can I find the full list of the supported games? Just can't find it in the Unity website.
  12. Works. All the problems has been solved! Thank you so much guys, you're awesome. Btw, is there a link system for battle field 4 and fifa 15? I cant find the list in thw unity site.
  13. I'm an idiot, tried again from inside the game after choosing multiplayer and it worked. I chose a room, with like 15 players inside, chose "A" to enter, I can see the list with the names and such.. But it dosen't enter the game, it's like I have joined the room, but I'm not in the game. Why isn't it entering? And yeah, I updated the last updates of the games I'm tryin to join (COD black ops 2 and Ghosts).
  14. I was registerd in the new website at first. I was succesfuly logged into it in the FSD.
  15. Oh god. Just to notify; All this time I was trying to launch it from the XEX menu. Now tried to launch it from the file manager in the freestyle dashboard, and it's working perfectly. Thank you very much guys, especially to Swizzy, which is helping me in every thread of me haha. Another problem. I enabled pinapatch and devlink, done the test in the FSD of the system link, passed it, connected to JQ, the covers automatically downloaded, but when I push the XBOX button and I want to choose "system link" the option is blocked. While I'm in a game it's like that aswell. How do I enable it?
  16. I can't start dashlunch. When I start the installation (like in the video), I get a black screen and everything freezes.
  17. Just tell me where is this file located at and how to post it (i'm a newibe lol), and I will do it right away. I have an a USB HDD btw.
  18. That's what I've downloaded. I didn't remove the previous dashlaunch though, I don't remember where it's located, and the new one is in a new folder.. So I guess it's not it.
  19. Currently using FSD 755. The dashlaunch's version is this one: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4616-dashlaunch-314-17150-kernel-support-added/ Now it's not even loading. I start the installer, and the screen turns black. And I have to turn the XBOX off. Swizzy, how can I check the kernel's version in order to tell you?
  20. Hello guys. I tried to use the link system (actually tried to configure it), started some fie I can't remember (it was like a dashlaunch, it said the kernerl is not supported, then the XBOX crashed). I turned it up again, the FSD haven't showed up. Tried to start it up from the XEX menu. The XEX menu didnt start up aswell. So I re-installed the XEX menu. And now the FSD is still not startin up directly. In this video: I did exactly what he said. And when I run the installer, the XBOX's screen turns black and it freezes. I'm really newibe to this. Thank you. Edit: I just managed to turn the internet on. All I need is to enable pingpatch and the devil thing. I must make the dashlaunch run.. I also have the new FSD (775).
  21. There is any tutorial? And how do I connect to the link system to play cod multiplayer and such?
  22. I know that the link system works. Whats Aurora? And how do I transfer coveres? I was told that I can do it by FTP aswell. Don't know how though.
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