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  1. What does it do? Does it stop the extremely weird ball mechanics? You know, when a ball's momentum keeps on going for three days after you strike it. Not dissing the tu, but get Pool nation instead. No red and yellow Brit balls, but much better physics to make it a realistic game.
  2. All good, mate. Like I wrote, the two types of trainers work on Aurora, they just get launched differently.
  3. There are two types of trainers. One made to be integrated into Aurora's game menu screen, the other, as they were before Aurora. I understand both will run, but how they are launched, and where they are installed, are different.
  4. That's true enough, Felida, but as you know from my request a while back, there is no Aurora compatible trainer for SOD on any media id.... Yet
  5. That's because it's probably not an Aurora trainer.
  6. For me, everything in Aurora is a step up from FS3, but none more so than the ease of use of trainers. Love it.
  7. I wouldn't know where to start. I can't even get the non aurora trainers to work. There's no shame in asking those with the skills and knowledge for help.
  8. That would be awesome if you pulled it off. No pressure on, but I'll keep my fingers crossed if it helps.
  9. I know you probably can't be bothered now, but have you ever thought of doing a state of decay with dlc aurora trainer? From my ancient perspective, the only thing thing missing from this great game is god mode, unlimited ammo and full weapons. Not really a request, more a hopeful long shot. If you don't ask, you don't get etc...
  10. Nice script. Should be useful. A lot of game walkthroughs come in txt format so now it's possible to stick them in a folder for easy access on the console. No running off to the pc when you get stuck in a game. If it ever worked via the hud, when a game was running, it would be the cherry on the icing on top of the cake.
  11. That's correct, there are no links on here, but there are threads about getting blops3 working
  12. Listen, you said you have the game installed on your console, right, so why piss about with converting apps and more downloads when you already have the game? It doesn't work and asks for an update because you don't have the packs needed. That is all. Just like you've been told repeatedly in this thread. It's a problem faced by many before. Seriously, just check out one of the existing blops3 threads on this site and install the bloody compatibility packs. Available dlc inc packs for blops 3 15 Vials Of Liquid Divinium + 2 Bonus Vials 56 kB A685E111D1C9F10F5ABE3E28F5F0992B7558780441 Awakening 1239 MB D0288B47455419D4F8862B84CCC508126F84816A41 Compatibility Pack 1 *⁴ 1839 MB A92CACF8DF6D9DB1C32970035A6B8B63B09C2F1641 Compatibility Pack 2 *⁴ 33 MB 4FD64D1A99FF002F54CEE0FE922808E1D2D21A5341 The Giant Zombies Map 610 MB 2CCE693B22906AC3DC61772C3A0CABCCD1DA0C8F *⁴ The Compatibility Pack DLC's are patched a.k.a. 'nuketown-fixed' by Justeve for playing online on LiNK. Install the latest TU before playing!
  13. Have you done as people have directed you to, and installed all compatibility packs in the correct folder? You can download and convert isos until the end of time and they will never work unless you do what you've been told.
  14. Just a heads up to those who have been mislead by the uninspired and lazy copy cat steamOS name of this skin. The original and still the best steamOS has been updated by mrknorton for Aurora 0.6b compatibility. Download here http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4701-skin-aurora-steamos/
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