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  1. There is already a delete option. Go to the game press Y then at the bottom there is rename, click right or left with the arrow until delete is written.
  2. Haha Damn easy, I was looking yesterday in the database and saw a folder called cover with bin files. I guess the bin files I can replace, right?
  3. Nice info. Thanks. But I want to add a cover myself to the Aurora database. Does anyone know how to manually add covers? For example I have red dead redemption and the game undead nightmare (usually it's a dlc but was released as a complete game), they have the same media ID, so if I choose to change the cover from unity it will update both games. But for undead nightmare I want to add a different cover. Appreciate any help. Thx.
  4. I also have this problem. But if I choose the store location first then it will download. Sometimes it freezes. Try and tell me please if it worked for you.
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