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  1. Freestyle Dash is an alternative dashboard to M$ Dashboard. It is the program that allows you to access and organize your games as well as other features. Dashlaunch as a whole is a set of patches to the Xbox 360 kernel AFAIK, it allows you to modify and customize the way the xbox operates. Homebrew on the 360 in a retail sense relies on Dashlaunch and the like. It allows us to play our retail games "DRM free" (for lack of better term), for whatever reasons we desire. Freestyle Dash is the user interface and Dashlaunch is hacks and patches to the system to allow customization of retail systems. I hope that helps you out, I couldn't come up with a better way to explain it without having a more advanced understanding of each. I realize that is not completely and entirely correct, however for the sake trying to simplify the conversation, I do not want to explain freeboot type images.
  2. Short answer: no. You would have to be able to execute some binary application that resides on the xbox itself, to do what you like. (Which I do believe is not something that is available.) As far as remotely extracting them from an app on your PC, if it is even possible, it would be less time consuming for you to just extract them then transfer. Hope that helps.
  3. It depends. Does your modem have routing functions? If its just a modem chances are you will need to see if your ISP will let you get two IP addresses and then assign one to each device. However that route will probably cost you more money. It cost me $7 per additional IP assigned to my modem. Chances are you will want a device that has a DHCP server on it hosting your internet as a Gateway. So in my opinion best to get a router. Hope I helped. On the other side I'm sure there is a way to do this on a OSX and Linux based system, but you for sure can share your internet with another device if you have an extra Network card or (NIC) in your machine. Lookup (ICS) Internet connection sharing for Windows based machine. If you don't have another NIC and your modem has the ability to give you internet via USB connection, you can connect your modem to your PC via USB and then share that internet connection to your xbox via ICS. Let me know what you come up with.
  4. IT's easiest to not mess anything up if you blind copy with something like clonezilla. I've done that several times without problems. I've wasted hours trying to do this in windows. Simply put, it takes a while to clone a 1TB or 2TB HDD but it works.
  5. I didn't actually start a new skin. I simply opened up the program and noticed the issue. But if and when I do work on a skin I will make sure that it has that file. Thanks again.
  6. I'm running Win7-64bit. I have the text from the error, as well as a screen shot for you. The latest V.3.0 The error occurs when I attempt to save my name as author under skin info. I get the same message upon pressing other buttons as well. A correction to my previous post is that it is not the same error as the others. So reference your code in line 47 of your VB file and it should help you find the solution. I believe. EDIT: Thanks for the spoiler tags!
  7. I have that same error when I attempt to save my name as skin author.
  8. I did a quick google search, and with google translate, it seems maybe you have bad blocks. I'm not 100% on that as I briefly skimmed through what was available. But try remapping any bad blocks that you have. I forget how to do that since I've only had 1 machine with bad blocks. Give it a shot and let us know if your able to remap them and it fix's it. Thanks. Also information on which tools you used to do the update would be helpful. P.S. This situation is not related to the new update. It was from a post several months back. So this issue has occurred in the past prior to this 16203 update.
  9. Weird I've done 5 falcon RGH and RGH2 units and they boot faster than my stock slim. Guess I've been lucky. Although when it gets cold in the house 1 unit tends to load a tiny bit slower, second attempt to glitch always works though.
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