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  1. In Need of Gta V Title Update (1.29) Help me :c
  2. I have a Xbox 360 slim (Trinity) installed with Demon Dual nand and an xkey 360 on retail nand. That comes with a seagate 2tb External hdd for xkey that has about 60 games on it. Plus it comes with two 320gb Internal Hdd for (rgh) & (retail). Rgh Hdd is preconfigured with latest Freestyle dash, dashlaunch, xexmenu, and home menu. It would also come with all wires and an Hdmi. This sale comes with 2 controllers a Viking 360 macro controller. (All wires) & stock controller. If someone can help me get a price on this I would be grateful. And the only reason I'm selling this badass bundle of shit, is because I just don't really enjoy gaming as much as I use too. So I think someone out their might be happier with the rig than I.
  3. hello, I'm having trouble on installing a trainer for black ops 1, can anyone guide me how to successfully install it? My game is on Tu11.
  4. Yes I speak English and yes I am currently running FSD as my default. And yes I would greatly enjoy if you can lend me a hand and link me to any tools I would need. And have you ever heared about "Project liberation V9" zombie tool?
  5. So what's next after setting them as plugins? And installing neighborhood on my conputer.
  6. Okay I installed xbox 360 neighborhood but Now I can't can't find any good xrpc downloads for black ops 2 zombies specifically can you link me one please?
  7. No this mod menu will be for offline only & system link I just want to be able to mess around in zombies, pretty much. So any current mod menu for zombies or like you said you recommend a xrpc which I have no idea what is is. :| I would greatly appreciate your help
  8. I need help setting up a zombie mod menu on my rgh like from the very beginning. What files do I use. Where do I place those files. Etc
  9. Hello their lovely strangers. I need help with setting up a zombie mod menu on Black ops 2. If you can help a pal out and point me in the right directions as in tutorials or advice I'll greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  10. So by updating my retail nand (16756.0) through online I should be okay ? And no I do not have one memory solution. I use two hard drives (internals) one for each nand. (retail) (rgh) thank you for the reply swizzy. I really appreciate your help, because this is my first modded xbox 360 slim. And I'm just overwhelmed by the learning curve with rgh, xkey etc.
  11. Try http://www.modchipcentral.com/store/ they have everything and they accept MasterCard. Good luck
  12. Hello their strangers I have a Xbox 360 slim(trinity) with a Xecuter DemoN + Xecuter Cr4 XL installed & I use Xkey for retail nand use. I wanted to know some few things. can I play online with my retail nand? If so how would I? It's on dasboard "16756.0" while the rgh nand is on "16747.0" if you could help a fellow mate out I'll highly appreciate it. And thank you everyone.
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