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  1. Hi! I want to know if this setup will work with EasyCAP and HDTV. So here's a pic: Will this work? Please answer quick! Thanks!
  2. I have 3 DLCs for Black Ops 2. When I changed the title update from 6th to 7th the DLCs didn't work anymore! It said something like "The DLC doesn't work with this title update" and the title update changed to 1st. Please help!
  3. Try reinstaling emulator. Did you runned the program to format partition? This one works just fine: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  4. Had same problem. Delete FSD3, reebot xbox, install it again, reebot it again and it works just fine.
  5. It works now! I've formated it again, pluged bought USB's in the back of Xbox and waited for 15-20s and it works now! Thanks for your support! You are the best!
  6. I've formated it with this program too. I've waited for 15 minutes, nothing!
  7. I've buyed new hard drive, Toshiba StorE Alu2 750gb USB 2.0 ( http://www.toshiba.eu/hard-drives/portable/store-alu-2/px1709e-1hg5/ ). I've formated it on FAT32, upload some games and connected it to Xbox 360 Slim (it has RGH). But the Xbox won't recognize the drive. Please help me! I'm freaking out!
  8. puss2puss: - Yes - No - No and No - It's always pluged in
  9. I downloaded 2 torrents, nothing works
  10. Liveblock is off, Fakelive is off too, still the same! Minecraft is downloaded by torrent.
  11. When I turn on XboX (I have dashlaunch setted up) go to Xbox arcade games, launch Minecraft. Then I click Play game, it asks to continiue playing in offline account or I log on online account, so I pick offline. Then it just shows up the world selector and the next moment the XboX Shutdowns. Why's that? It's something wrong with my Xbox or is something wrong in dashlaunch or F3 or what? Please help!
  12. I just installed the Beta 2 update for F3, made a LiNK account and port forwarded ports. I go to XboX, run CoD: BO2, go to mini dashboard and go to System link. There are just some chinese letters. I go to rooms but I can't connect to a room. So I go on computer to Link site, connect to a room but still nothing. I've already changed the ports, didn't work. I don't really know if the Devlink must be On or Off? It's maybe my connections fault? Here is the connections sketch: Please help!PS: Sometimes in the middle of the game XboX shutdowns. Why's that?
  13. Well, when I enter the game and click play game it says that I am not on online account and I have 2 options: Play on Xbox Live or Play on offline account. I click offline account and then it shows me the fixes in the new version. I go back to menu, click the Play game again and the warning comes again. So I again click offline and it comes in the Make world menu, and about after 3-5 seconds it shoutdowns.
  14. oh, and when I play Minecraft it shoutdowns the xbox too. Why's that?
  15. Yeah, it's me again . I have some problems with my RGH XboX 360 Slim. 1. It really overheats, sometimes it reaches 80°C. I have fan speed on auto. 2. When I start XboX Classics it showes the XboX Logo some square comes up and XboX 360 shoutsdown. 3. When I start Black Ops 2 and go under systemlink tab on the little dashboard that shows up when you click the big X, under players I see only chinese letters as names, and when i go to arenas i can't join?
  16. I was installing the new freestyle dash (the beta with link) and I started it an this came up "The F3 Crashed" or something like that. There were 3 options: Go to NXE, continue and something. Can you please help me! I Putted the files on USB in folder Freestyle, deleted the old freestyle and copied the map on HDD1:. Please Help Me!
  17. Thank you for your advice and help! But I will buy an external one so I can use it also on my computer
  18. Hi! Can you please help me and tell me some things about Freestyle 3.0: 1. How/where do you save Homebrew, Emulators, Skins, Games, XboX Classics, XBLA and GoD files? 2. Which external hard drive is best in the range 0-70$ ( For XboX, that works )? 3. Can you FTP files and play over LiNK over wireless?
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