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  1. Hi LibXenon De, that's fantastic! Thank you for your answer! I will read the guide you pointed me. Like I said, I'm not interested on Live, only Netflix, so I will not even try to connect Live. I will search alternatives. I read somewhere that Plex or PlayOn may be used to watch Netflix on XBOX, but I'm not sure. I will do some search about the topic. Thank you again, Matheus.
  2. Good morning, my name is Matheus and 2 days ago I buyed a XBOX 360 with RGH for my 8 years old daughter. The seller send me the console only with the chip installed but neither freestyle or aurora installed on it. I was told I should do this by myself. The console came with Dash 16767 installed and I don't have a backup of an old version neither the seller has it. I spend the last two days reading and learning about the XBOX. I understand that the dashlaunch don't work on the 16767, so my questions are: 1) I don't care about Live, my daughter is only supposed to play Kinnect games, nothing more. Can I downgrade to a version before 16767 without have a backup of the old version, so I can install dashlaunch on it? 2) If first question is not possible, there is any way I can make the xbox boot directly on Freestyle or Aurora without dashlaunch installed? This is indeed what I need, that the console boot up to a easy to use dash (Aurora) so my daughter can select and play games easily. Extra Question: I would like to watch netflix on the console, but from what I read, this unfortunately is not possible with RGH, is that alright? Sorry for my bad English and thank you for your time and patience. I hope I'm not being inconvenient talking about this subject again. Best regards, Matheus.
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