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  1. If you want to "hide the hidden" games, just go the view options (Button B ) and disable the option "Show Hidden Titles"
  2. For me, I took the decision to forget about F3 the moment Aurora booted and loaded all my games very smoothly
  3. I faced the same problem. No need for any other software. The first time you open XUITool, the first dialog asks for the skin XUI, which should be "Aurora-Skin.xui". If you don't have it, create one by saving the following code as "skin.xui" then choose it when you open XUI Tool. <XuiCanvas version="000c"> <Properties> </Properties> </XuiCanvas> Hope that works with you.
  4. Finally released -> http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4597-arabic-localization-for-aurora-release/
  5. We proudly announce the release of the first Arabic translation for Aurora. The translation is compitable with Aurora 0.4b This was a big step because XBOX originally does not support RTL (specially connected letters) languages, such as Arabic, Persian.. etc I developed a special tool that converts the translation to a form that could be rendered properly on Aurora. It is currently being integrated into Swizzy's great Aurora Translation Tool. The Arabic translation itself was done by 3absiso and me (mostly 3absiso ). Many thanks to him on the great work. Of course, special thanks goes to Swizzy, who provided great help and support to make this happen. We also cannot forget to thank the amazing Phoenix team who made all this possible Here is a quick walk-through HD video as a demo: (thanks to 3absiso for that too) The skin in the video is a custom skin based on the wonderful Paradise skin - which provides better support to RTL language. For now, I mainly increased the width of some buttons to fit the long Arabic label, but in the future it will do more I will talk about that in a separate topic in the Skins forum. The translation still works very well with default Aurora skin!! Also with any other skins as long as they use standard unicode fonts. Just download the attached file, decompress, then upload the xzp file it to: Aurora/Media/Locales If anyone is interested in Persian localization, please contact Swizzy to arrange that.
  6. Exactly!! It's a very simple process that usually takes few seconds if you already have the tools.
  7. I have just two small UI and translation fixes: Toggle Favorite: "Toggle" is a hard word to be translated in other languages. So may you please split it into two words: Set Favorite and Unset Favorite. You already did that in one scene "Quick View" so please do the same in the Game Details scene Order of OK/Cancel buttons: the order of OK/Cancel buttons is currently not the same (For example, delete file in file manager VS delete TU). Sometimes OK is on the left of Cancel, while in other places Cancel is on the left of OK. I guess it would be nice to unify that.
  8. Here is another one, shows only titles added in the past week: GameListFilterCategories.User["Recent Adds"] = function(Content) t = os.date("*t") t.day = t.day - 7 added = os.time{year=Content.DateAdded.Year, month=Content.DateAdded.Month, day=Content.DateAdded.Day} return added > os.time(t) end Please tell me if there is a better way to do it
  9. Also after removing the game from HDD you can go to Game Details, go down to Rename and move left twice to reach the Delete function, then delete it.
  10. OK, so you will need "XZP Tool" to decompress the skin .xzp file and compress it later when you finish editing skin files. Also you will need "XUI Tool" - which is part of Xbox SDK - to open and edit the skin ".XUR" files. Changing those buttons was done in file "Aurora_Main.xur". So open this file in XUI Tool, first save as XUI file, then after you finish export binary as XUR file again. To switch buttons: open the file in XUI Tool, then go to > Application layer > LaunchButton. In properties, change Visual field from "XuiGamepad_A" to "XuiGamepad_Y" and this will change the look of the button. Then change PressKey field from "VK_PAD_A" to "VK_PAD_Y" and this will chance the button you press to trigger the button. Then do the opposite in > Application Layer > DetailsButton A small tip: before opening files in XUI Tool, save "Aurora_Skin.xur" as XUI then > File > Load Skin > then choose that XUI. That will make any skin file you open later show as they appear on XBOX. I hope that helps, and forgive me for any mistakes because I only knew all those stuff by myself just 2 weeks ago without any documentation
  11. I thought myself about that point, and I found it really hard to resolve. The transparency will make it hard to view components. I thought about shrinking the whole panel size, but that will affect the core of this scene: viewing game details. So I finally decided that it's better for me to keep it as it is, and hold BACK button when I want to see the background
  12. WOW, what a great encouragement guys!! Next time I will keep it to myself Kidding of course Thank you everyone for passing by
  13. Your tool will definitely make it easier, I was just wondering if it's doing anything else
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