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  1. May be new xbox360 consoles like slim and newer with default wireless controllers doesnt' handle correctly wired controllers ? May be your are right but, please, let you read my P.M. about shop, many thanks
  2. many thanks Swizzy and SuRbO: @Swizzy: I'm not sure about a faulty rf-module ... so I add these other info's: If I connect two wireless controllers, all it's OK (different channel for each, paring is good) there is an user (I don't know if I can post link: it's a user's feedback about controller purchased on a famous web portal) with SAME problem ... he supposes that the problem is due to controllers that are PC compatibles So, you say: XBOX kernel assigns channel to controllers, right ? ... and when it assigns the second one, doesn't remeber the first one ... unbelievable ! @SuRbO: it's a slim, RGH modded a little upgrade: I connect, in this order, 1st wireless controller, it pairs 1st channel (upper left led); 2nd one wireless controller takes 2nd channel (upper right led), 1st wired controller pairs 3rd channel (lower left led) and, finally, 2nd wired controller pairs 3rd channel, so it excludes the previous brother ! many thanks, guys !
  3. hello, I kindly ask anyone help about this problem on my xbox 360 I've got two wired MS original controllers: when I connect the first one on frontal usb, after flashing circle, paring is OK and green light upper left of button guide is ON when I connect the second one into the other usb frontal port, after flashing circle, pairing is OK ... in the SAME channel , so I have TWO wired controller connected on the same channel left upper green light is ON, and the first controller, with green ON, stops functioning ... because there is a conflict ! it seems 2nd controller doesn't see the first one, so xbox assigns anyway the first channel is there a SW configuration to force channel on a wired controller ? help, please, and many thanks in advance !
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