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  1. hdd is plug-n-play mate.. you shouldnt need to change anything
  2. I've already posted TU 80 here.. and it is TU 78 actual.. not tu 75.. so if you're using tu 75... You don't have the latest tu 😁
  3. You have to make sure there is a match at the lobby, as I've said.. the games go for about 30 mins as well. There are people playing on LiNK all the time..
  4. felida

    Felida's RetroArch

    As far as I know and have tested.. cheat codes work for all systems.. the cheats have to be in proper format though
  5. "disk" is the dashlaunch plugin.. "disc" is the FSD/aurora plugin..
  6. you can get covers and such.. unity is where you can get covers and title updates, as well as play LiNK games
  7. Music, yes.. check out my skins.. Video, no..
  8. The internet has nothing to do with network speeds.. your router could be bad, your Ethernet port can be dying on 360, or your hdd could be dying
  9. if you have wifi on that pc, you can bridge the connections, or share the internet connection.. you can look up guides on the internet on how to do those.. but i've done it in the past
  10. have you tried booting the second disc? and loading your save file?? multi disc games have a folder structure that needs to be followed in aurora/FSD
  11. what exactly are you trying to do? the loading thing is a looped animation.. it seems like it is working?
  12. ftp programs have different protocols.. and there is a specific protocol that will mess up the files.. i cant remember off hand.. but you can search the fourms and it will give you the answer
  13. ask the people you paid for help?.. research jtag vs rgh.. from the sound of it, it sounds like an RGH2 hack.. and those are unstable, with long boot times.. you would need to open your console and take pictures for actual help via internet
  14. just because you join a room, does not mean there is a game waiting in the lobby. games like black ops 2 have a lobby for players to meet up in, but you can not join in-game while the match is running.
  15. there is a guide for changing the loading screen, as well as other useful tips, in tutorial videos i have made
  16. you can download covers if your xbox is hooked up to the internet, and have a unity account made. now for dlc, lots of DLC require you to get to a point in the game.. now, another note about dlc.. you can have dlc from a different region, or mediaID, xm360 will find it ofc, but game wouldnt because of mismatching files
  17. no problem. i understand your thoughts about the hdd wear.. but it was already thought of way back before aurora was even made lol..
  18. What method of ftp are you using?? I remember an ftp plugin for dashlaunch that you could use at anytime, but speeds were slow.. now.. max ftp I've ever gotten was 12MB on 360.. and for some weird reason aurora gives me 9/MB max.. but it's due to assets and such with the HDD being used as well.. I'd try using xexmenu with all plugins disabled (nova/fsd) and see if you can find the culprit..
  19. well this is an english forum.. so post in english
  20. the funny thing is, aurora has always handled it like you say it should.. it definitely checks if the "activated" tu matches the one in the location as needed.. now.. the cache location does get full/emptied.. not via aurora.. but yeah.. not the point.. the progress bar jumps to 95% if the tu matches.. and then loads the game.. now, could better implementation of text telling people what it is actually doing?, agreed.. but aurora/fsd have done this exact thing since i can remember..
  21. It doesn't matter if it's USB or hdd.. just place it like the last.. and it should be disc, not disk..
  22. Setup an account on unity, and enable it in aurora
  23. sounds like a space issue mate
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