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  1. the easiest solution would be to rename the default skin to your other skin.. after deleting the bad skin of course..
  2. now that is something that would fucking help when changing shit ahahahaha... yeah doing the frame-by-frame shit is fucking tedious though lol
  3. No.. the emulators can be ran from anywhere.. your content directory was probably in aurora was set for internal, or something like that.. or a dual external issue mate.. I guarantee if you try and load the emulators off USB via file manager or xexmenu (which is file manager) they will work. Edit: In this case, it was an Aurora bug with the location. This is known to be an issue with using multiple USB devices, as they can register with the same hardware IDs
  4. I was wondering if you used FTP or something.. All externals need the HDD alive option on Xbox mate, that's why it was made.
  5. how are you transferring the games mate?? and no version of aurora can stop an emulator from running... also.. do you have hdd alive turned on in dashlaunch? since you are using an external?? also, have you tried a different source?? i dont want to randomly plug my own stuff.. but give it a go mate:
  6. you can always try xell, and rebuild your nand.. then flash the nand via simple nand flasher.. does your console boot xell via using eject to boot console?
  7. You haven't changed the "focus" part.. you should watch my video about the frames ūü§∑
  8. most games.. no.. a few.. possibly mate.. like i said, ever since dash 17349, they changed the game with it lol..
  9. imma answer these for you: 1) games have always been able to run off the HDD via modded console("always" is a loose term), and the rest of this answer i'll follow in the next question. 2) NOW you can, before you COULD NOT. your kernel has to be 17349 or higher. ever since that dash, they removed the special USB limits, and allowed STOCK/Retail units to store games/XBLA/DLC/TU's on a fat32 usb drive. 3) quite possibly if you setup said drive as your system drive, but you would need no internal hdd.(this is a theory, NOT tested) 3.1) someone would need to test a retail unit with this, as like i said, they changed usb stuff, and maybe if you set usb as system drive, and put in an OG game, they might have a different setup for this.. as i stated, all theory and no facts. havent tried this game, theoretically it could. i know for a fact MTS5 you can not. i tried to test that particular game, and you would need an internal hdd. OFC they could have fixed this "bug" since then, seeing as they are supposed to allow external hdds to be system drives.
  10. It's in skin.xui if I remember correctly.. everything else calls to that for the visuals..
  11. So how do you expect to use the assets someone would post, if you have no PC and such? You have to have a PC to use the assets editor..
  12. Why not just use the connection to your internet and download them using the Xbox, cut out the middle man??
  13. It's in the xuis mate.. you'll have to use trial and error to figure that out.. once you understand it, it'll come easier for you.
  14. We do not offer support for stealth servers.. last warning.. considering you didn't even read the rules you agreed to when you registered.
  15. felida

    Felida's RetroArch

    you can change the names.. i'm pretty sure they are from retroarch team.. but the file extension works, there is a 42 char limit, and no special characters.. plus there is a minor glitch where you cant use double codes, meaning codes that have "code1"+"code2".. you would have to manually make 2 seperate codes, and activate them together.. but you can name the cheat files anything you want.. they are individually selected when you load them, they dont load with the rom..
  16. you think that people didnt respond because they do not have an answer.. stop feeling so damn entitled mate.. no one owes you a thing
  17. felida

    An idea

    Because people move on in life. It was hinted at a just for now thing.. but it looks like it might be dead completely.. I would have at least figured that during this time something might have snuck out.. but yeah.
  18. Game invites do expire on Xbox mate.. but, what you are asking is close to server emulation, which this site doesn't condone.
  19. You can't get onto a server that has been shut down.. they no longer exists.. the software that runs them is non-existent.. Some games.. have a p2p system.. instead of dedicated ones.. even still, they require connection to base server to match the game
  20. you need to post your questions in english.. but there is a skin tool that changes that pic..
  21. depends which emulator mate.. as far as i know, only the retroarch unofficial build lets you use cheats..
  22. if it is a problem with the hdd, that could mean it is going bad mate.. you would just need a new one
  23. Aurora isn't meant to hotswap iirc.. it probably is sorting it's self out due to the console id being different
  24. How do you know the power supply works as it should?? Have you take a voltmeter to it? Does it produce the proper voltage under load? Have you used said power supply in a different Xbox??
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