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  1. I haven't tested it in a while, but i was on a lower TU then that was avail.. and by all means.. do what you guys want.. sometimes i like to play with family and cheat.. other times nah.. just was asking if under certain conditions would public rooms with cheats was allowed, EX Zombies maps ONLY?.. either way i'll abide by the rules.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  2. I've noticed that, but i have been on LiNK and couldnt create a private room.. such as with diablo.. dont wanna piss anyone off.. but as long as we tick the option for Cheats allowed.. will it be a problem? And i +1 for IP bans.. lol.. as that will kill anyone thinking of breaking rules..
  3. Nice about keyboard/chatpad support.. Major kudose to that!!
  4. https://mega.co.nz/#F!zNxVFCDY!t6hxdUWiZ3V8iZFeriftjA Mirror for EMUs and cheat manager
  5. https://mega.co.nz/#F!zNxVFCDY!t6hxdUWiZ3V8iZFeriftjA Mirror for Emus/Cheat manager
  6. And you can always edit the xur to your liking.. as it is easily possible :-) and make it say what ev.. quite possibly why it isn't an issue? there used to be a tutorial on modifying it.. just dont know where it has gone to..
  7. And if your database is SQL, couldn't you do a simple update query to change it? Haven't played with SQL since my WoW PS days lol
  8. And only a few nes games did get output.. Dunno what happened there.. And by filenames, all my ROMs are already named for Xbox.. The .cht files came out with the release filenames.. So I thought it might have been in the database.. But it is characters like commas and + signs that the Xbox don't like.. First issue was "7th Saga, The" SNES.. 3rd game in SNES list.. Cheats are fine.. As I said just the special chars xb don't like
  9. Well for the sha, you can get the good tools for the system, such as goodgen I used for Sega, and they have all the info about the ROMs u could need.. Zophar.net, or Google.. Simple command line tools.. Might be a better version floating around.. But for someone with your skillset, shouldn't be complicated to use em
  10. Just wanted to make sure it was cool.. And not piss someonenoff lol
  11. Can't wait til its' release.. Great work
  12. i figured it out, it is in the options.. just had to tinker.. even had to remap the 2x speedup.. and figured out how to run the shaders.. only thing i couldn't figure out was how to get the history to load.. but that is negligible.. thanks again for the hard work and great release.. mind if i repack it and what not? with credit of course also the joystick axis config is "up +1/dwn -1/left +0/right -0" (input_player1_up_axis = "+1") that got the joystick to work in menus/games when i edited the conf file.. Finally - When choosing your cheat, you have to press activate cheats, otherwise no effect/and no visual acceptance.. might tinker with code toggle option and see if that is a diff approach..
  13. A hiccup i found was that the file names of the cheats need to not have special characters, and only 32 char limit i believe.. no toooo sure on the exact ammount, but stuff like "Simpson, The" " & " doesnt transfer, so if there is a way to modify that everything will be good to roll, so peeps dont need to constantly rename n whatnot.. I will try that genesis list..
  14. I will poke around more when I get home soon.. And let you know more
  15. Of course, I could be wrong, just a simple observation..
  16. Cool.. I made my own genesis cheat with your proggy.. Seems to work flawless.. As far as sha256, you might be over working yourself.. And as I stated.. I made a greatest heavyweights(genesis) myself w/o the sha hash.. Works just fine.. And the option to enable by default.. Doesn't work.. As emu just loads it as off regardless.. And you load the individual cheat file in rarch.. So I think the sha checks might be a bit overboard imo
  17. Well that was how it was back in like .9.6.. Analogs worked, but since Something changed.. Didn't know if someone worked it out
  18. just wanted to reply to tell Swizzy and MaesterRowan thanks for the hard work.. and sad to see this project being nixed cuz of them being dicks.. this really has fix majority of the issues i was having with the prior RArch version.. nice background and all.. just sad this wont be worked on.. love the cheat ability added that all 360 emus were lacking.. also maybe some help.. is there a way to get the analog stick to work? or just d-pad??
  19. F'ing outstanding.. Thanks m8 for the hard work codes work, this program seems to run well.. cheats dont have to be in the same directory or same filename on xb.. pretty good work **there seems to be an error or something around rival turf SNES.. it displays a code in gamelist.. as far as when it has checked games had to the database, is it possible to que up just them games that i have? not a necessary thing, as it does only create all cheat files for them, just scrolling thru master list for each game can be tedious.. or have a group toggle such as NES shows only NES cat? just a few ideas..
  20. felida

    rgloader 16537

    yeah, even so, if the HDD stuff isnt there, minimal mode doesn't start either to upload via xbox neighborhood, and as i stated, i got the 16202 rgloader to load just fine. just having and issue with 16537, heck i even swapped the 15574 dash into v400 just to see if that it was a program error, but that dash loaded just fine? Also, xell boots just fine, but will only display video thru composite, but not HDMI Also: it isnt the rgh2+ error, cuz im on RGH2 Any help is appreciated!
  21. felida

    rgloader 16537

    I'm having trouble getting Rgloader to work with 16537, everytime i create the image and flash, it doesn't boot.. just hangs when it normally would boot, as with RGL16202, freeboot img, retail. any help would be appreciated
  22. hey sorry for bumping this old thread.. but has anyone gotten this to work? i flash the image but it never boots.. with the filesystems or without.. and rgl forums is empty, and before anyone asks.. i have gotten the v311 to work easily..
  23. i have also experienced the remove lag also..
  24. felida


    Ok, my bad.. i thought it worked like, it would only show both of the categories, not that it only shows games that are of both types.. thanks for the hard work though :-)
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