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  1. 9 hours ago, daniel_tobon said:

    Hi, is there a xboxunity manager taking care of the last updates? 

    I have requested several times multiple covers to be added and still not luck. 

    the image size is 600x900 px and is in .jpg format (I have tried before with .png and not result as well).



    I guess it would be me mate.. I'm not gonna approve the FIFA 21 picture, as there is no FIFA 21 in the DB.. or for 360 if I recall.. you want that cover use the asset editor.. we try to keep things in order.. but the others I will get around to approving if they match correctly

  2. 9 hours ago, daniel_tobon said:

    I don't think is necessary to change the content.db file. If you just wanna remove the old executable (cover file) in Aurora and update it with the new one (to avoid duplicates) there is already a script he Aurora repo browser to remove path games that are empty. With this script, you can update the old .xex game path to a .god format

    Technically you should only need to rescan for content.. it should automatically change the stuff for you.. meaning look for the .data file instead of the .xex

  3. 10 minutes ago, Jalves said:
    yes I scanned the title updates. aurora simply cannot enable the title update to run the trainer. unity is blank screen to download the title update. what is curious is that in freestyle, you are found.
    by the way, can you use this rock band trainer in freestyle?

    No.. aurora trainers are only available for aurora.. there is other engines that would work..

  4. 1 hour ago, Jalves said:
    that's my problem. I downloaded tu4 from unity and put it in the correct folder. the game recognizes normally but the aurora does not find it when making the scanner and consequently does not activate for the trainer

    There is the content scanner and TU scanner..

    Make sure you are using the TU scanner and not the game scanner

  5. 2 hours ago, Jalves said:
    please have a trainer for rock band 3 with title update 0? I can't activate tu4 in aurora. thank you so much for your help

    No mate.. I don't even have a guitar controller anymore to make it either... You do have to scan for new TUs once you transfer them, if you do not use aurora to download it from server.. 

  6. 13 hours ago, mcboo1 said:

    So I have a Minecraft on my Xbox 360. I tried to update my Minecraft's textures and when I opened my Minecraft and replaced terrain.png nothing happens. So I opened my Title update and replaced my Title update's terrain.png and launches Minecraft. When I launches my Minecraft my Title update crashes and it became old. I tried to mod my Minecraft's default.xex and still doesn't work. Can somebody tell me how to update my Minecraft's textures?

    what exactly do you mean? you cant manually do this.. you would need to edit a texture pack and such..

  7. 1 hour ago, Kyps said:

    Ok I've downloaded it and "installed it?" It is in my console but version 06b still boots up, unless I go to the files and lunch Aurora.xex from the Aurora 07b file that I put on the HDD file. (Also of I go to freestyle home, it still boots up 06b)

    How do I change that? 

    Dashlaunch settings

  8. The latest update is on this site.. just search.. I know I've posted it myself. And the mega link works

    Edit: you don't need all of them, the latest has all of the previous updates within it.. such as 73 has 72 and below with new changes




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  9. 5 hours ago, asfish said:

    Last changes I made to my set up was to remove all the DLC from the USB drives pending me getting a better set, that was a couple of months ago

    Today I fired up the 360 and cleaned up the DLC paths and assets and played some games with my sone

    I've noticed that box art on maybe 30% of the games is black and white whilst the rest are colour 

    I can go into a game that's shown in black and white and select a new box art cover that is shown in colour but when selected displays in B&W

    Anyone see this before? More annoying than critical!

    Use the database cleaning script..

    Box art that is grey usually means it's a game that isn't found.. or it's pathed to a device that isn't connected

  10. On 2/16/2021 at 8:56 PM, tinpanalley said:

    Really? I've always understood it to be the case that for games that permit custom music tracks in custom playlists for triggered events in sports games, that the only way the 360 could do that was by ripping songs from actual discs. In fact, I'm fairly certain that this was programmed this way. And it definitely was not always like this. Not for this particular use. But if you're certain, I'll give it a go.

    You can have your own personal music playing in games.. as for triggered music.. then probably needs to be burned to a cd.. just get you a rewritable one

  11. 3 hours ago, tinpanalley said:

    Really? Do you know what the software is called? I hate having to burn a disc everytime I want music in my games.

    Any iPod or usb with mp3s should work..

    Its been this way ever since 2008 time frame? Lol



    Edit: you have to select music player from guide.menu 


  12. 6 hours ago, PaHaNchickT said:

    Hi guys!

    Got this error "System.OutOfRangeException"

    1. I turned off my antivirus
    2. Tried different versions of Kernel
    And this happens again and again.

    Help please, how can I solve this problem?


    Rgloader is only for 16mb nands.. you have a big block jasper.. 


    It will not work.. 

  13. 11 hours ago, rahjer said:

    Looking for some help.  I have a 2tb external usb drive which has 1000 games on it.  Every time I start the 360, it reads the drive just fine, but when asked to go back to the arcade after I exit a game, it re-reads the external drive again which takes over a minute before I get back to the Aurora desk top displaying the games again.  Is there a way to  prevent the re-reads every time I exit a game?

    Disable autoscan

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