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  1. Yeah im after getting 98% there I have everything done I ended up just messing with the router and xbox and got it working sort of since I posted this but theres a problem.... Even tho the tests pass besides the UPnP enabled router for some reason ? but the system link is still greyed out. I have tried different games I have made sure everything is verified and enabled, Everything passes besides the Router but thats not a big deal but its still greyed out ... any help on this one ?
  2. Hi everyone im new here but not new to the xbox modding scene. I have had my Jtag for a few years and haven't had to many problems especially not problems this head wrecking. I switched to a new Internet provider I live in Ireland and have Vodafone home broadband now, What I originally thought was that it was the network but I know someone who also only got the same broadband exact same and I was over there a few days ago and I was playing Advanced Warfare online working fine. That ruled that out for me and I have copied all the network settings that they have for it on there router to mine whch is the same router as well btw. My Jtag fails every part. I have a half broken TV so I cant see where the notifications come up but I can see the end and when I press the Request button to request the API key it says please try again so I guess the Jtag can connect to the servers or something ? I have used this on LiNK many times and all of a sudden it doesnt work. It fails the Authentication, The UPnP Router detection, The Data Port and the Broadcast port. I don't see how it is doing this all of a sudden. I have the right details for my account I even made a new one to be sure and still nothing. Like in the pictures show its a Xenon Jtag on 16747. All help will be much appreciated. P.S. ill just right what your all thinking "WOW thats a bad owl smash on the Tv, How did you do that ?" That is what is known as lack of sleep, having a bad week, and having people nagging you all at the same time.
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