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  1. any chance some one can reupload this cant find it any where
  2. trying to login cant remember what my user name is email is adambr0wnienz@gmail.com cheers
  3. lmao ms brown tounge priceless call bro love it and no not yet but I will figure it I'm not a total noob I know my way around I'm assuming I will have 2 sign the save to my profile with one of the programs used 2 edit saves? correct me if I'm wrong and please let me know what 2 do that would be great .
  4. i would very much like to have a walk around your world Dave may i please have a copy? i promise i will abide by the rules of dave
  5. I'm not sure about that one friend I would think not as link needs to connect thru jqe360.com so needs the internet to connect. Disable devlink and the link plugin and you should be able to connect them
  6. ok can they connect within link to each other? disable devlink on both consoles and try system link or forward ports for both consoles and play using link that's what I would try mate or disable the link plugin in fsd: )
  7. disable devlink in dash launch see if that sorts it I'm assuming your trying to connect your modded console to a non modded console?
  8. I haven't ripd a game in a long time but I think you will find that the problem is that the new games are built different making use of all the disk c4Eva made a firmware for a certain type of drive I burn Max or something that's the only way I know the new disk format can be burnt. try a old game see if u have same issue mate .not much help I know but it's something
  9. Its beta for a reason bro they will get it sorted im sure they are very busy trying to get it all worked out dont give up just wait good things take time my friend we will all be killing each other soon enough just give it some time
  10. Just tryed to get on again still no go what a shame Ill keep trying or wait like a good boy no nagging from me also I have a good friend that may be able to help with a server if you guys want flick me a pm lads it would be run outa NZ tho
  11. had it up and running last night was working sweet then fails on every test But im guessing thats because the server is getting hit so hard I expected this Still love the work guys going to be great fun when the kinks get ironed out Also loving the new web Ui keep up the good work peeps love what you do wish i could code Oh and gingeee85 did you do what i said in my other post and make sure you have the beta update option in fsd's general settings set so it can see the new update. I couldn't find the auto update untill I set this option soon as i allowed beta updates and restarted fsd update downloaded and installed no problem. If you have this enabled it could just be that every one running fsd would of been updating causing issues
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