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  1. The plot thickens.... Covers DO download now Weather does nothing when I search for my city (I have an API) and the updates screen says "Could not download version description file"
  2. No weather, no updates, no anything
  3. The dash is updated and the kernal downgraded and I still have the exact same problem
  4. Thanks for the suggestion I'll try to update tomorrow, is it an easy process? I have no intention of using XBL, I'm aware of the risks
  5. [edit: Console is RGH, not JTag) Hi all, I'm sure you've seen this a thousand times before but I've done the all research I can but I can't seem to find a way to get my JTagged XBox to get a connection beyond my router when on the Freesytle dash. I'll try and be as thorough as possible and give you all my information in one attempt.. Stock XBox 360 on same network works fine Metro dashboard network test says there is a connection to the Internet but not to XBL (how can I verify internet connection?) Family settings are all open Freestyle dash version 3.0 Rev58, Kernel 2.0.16767.0 Freestyle dash allows browsing of internal network but no weather, updates, covers etc Network settings have been reset Tried a static IP, tried opening ports, tried DMZing XBox IP Launch.ini I paid a company to do the JTag for me but now I need some support they've gone quiet. Any help would be much apprietiated!
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