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  1. I mounted it with fatxplorer and tried several different defrag programs, but none of them recognized the HDD, Unfortunately fatxplorer does have a built in defragger but its not available yet or something. Oh well. Thanks for your help anyway dude
  2. Around 200-230, And yes... yes i am. I now how to defrag a hdd, but how would i go about defragging a fatx drive? could mount it with fatxplorer and defrag it like normal? 0.2b was fine with load speeds, with the same ammount of games, Im on a 750GB hdd with 300GB free so im gonna try the above
  3. 4 title updates, all for GTA5, so i dont think its the title updates, When it loads it looks like its rebuilding the database, and auto scan is off. the first couple hundred games load pretty fast, but the further it goes the slower it go's.
  4. Hey everyone, So, obviously I love the simplicity of Aurora, Its actually making want to use my 360, But I have a question regarding initial loading times. So when I was on 0.2b It would sit on the loading screen with "Caching default skin" or something similar. But since updating to 0.3b, It gives me more information (good thing) about the games and where its scanning and what not, but, it seems to go though all the games on my hdd (714), and it takes about 50 - 60 seconds, compared to 0.2b which took about 15 seconds. So I wondered if there was a way of preventing it from going through all the games, or speeding the process up, I have disable the Automatic scanning for new content, but it didn't change anything. Second question, If there an easy way to change the Aurora loading screen from the white and green to a custom image? Gumbo.
  5. Thanks for the reply Swizzy, I will take your advice and stick with stock HDD, Might in the future setup a 20gb HDD with the hacked Compatibility in-case I REALLY feel the urge to play some non supported games, and just swap my retail HDD out with it. Gumbo
  6. But can / will the hacked data be detected by microsoft?
  7. Hey Everyone, My setup is like this, RGH Demon. Modded internal memory unit to an external HDD with Aurora on it. (disconnected when on retail nand) Internal retail HDD with the stock backwards compatibility partition. Obviously i need the Retail HDD to play xbox original games, and it works fine on the retail nand, but I would prefer to have the hacked compatibility update with my games on aurora. So the question, Is it risky or stupid to put the hack backwards compatibility files on a retail live hdd, but only play original games via Aurora? Sorry if that comes across as confusing, i confused myself a little. Gumbo.
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