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  1. Sounds good, will you be adding them on 1920x1080 resolution ?
  2. Pure epicness, can't wait.
  3. Thanks, did the trick Any chance to get Open tray tab removed also ?
  4. Great theme, can u please tell me what to edit to rename xbox and emulators tabs names ? I edited skin.xml and menusettings.xml, but the name changes only when i am on that tab, see pictures for better understanding.getScreenCaptureImage.bmp
  5. I see u added the plugins folder in this new verison, what exactly does this change if we replace it ?
  6. Looks awesome, thanks. Any chance for one without the open tray tab ? or at least to be the last tab. I for one never use the dvd tray on rgh.
  7. Exploited

    WebUi & SMB

    Yes, f3http or one of my choice, same result.
  8. Exploited

    WebUi & SMB

    Hello, i got a problem with webui and samba server, both are not working. Webui is denying me access even with correct password or disabled HTTP auth. i am using 9999 port. Samba server aswell, Fsd is not responding. I must mention i am on latest fsd rev and Link is working great for me. Any idea guys ? Thanks and Merry X-Mas
  9. Awesome job guys . Looking forward to this nice feature . P.S Please add an option to disable kinect integration in F3 .
  10. Exploited

    Grey avatar

    It is unabled from the original dash , just that everytime i exit some game , it doesnt show up as signed in anymore.
  11. Exploited

    Grey avatar

    Hi . I have a problem with the profile. After i exit a game the avatar its grey and it appeara that i am not loged in . I use f3 with the latest dash .
  12. So is it safe to detele fsd 2.2 folder from internal hdd via ftp ? i got f3 set as default and i'm really happy with it . Just wondering if i delete fsd 2.2 folder ( to free up some space ) , will i loose something ? like gamerscore ,etc . Thanks
  13. Exploited

    Game Crashes

    Nvm sorted it out. It was crashing because i was playing with my avatar .
  14. Exploited

    Game Crashes

    Hello , i have problem with Wipeout 3 for Kinect , while playing game crashes and console reboots . I am running F3 with the latest kernel . Any suggestions please ? thanks
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