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  1. Nice! I didn't realize that! Thank you. I wonder if an "activate all" option could be added? That way all of your downloaded TU's could be activated as a batch...
  2. Do you think it would be possible for Aurora to have an option to scan your hard drive and look for title updates you have previously downloaded on another dashboard, such as Freestyle Dash? That way if you have already downloaded your title updates it could find them and copy them instead of needing to re-download them all. Maybe this would help reduce your server load. (Maybe it already does this, but it seemed to me like I needed to re-download them all after installing Aurora)
  3. I think they have said they will not, but you can adjust it via Dashlaunch.
  4. Good tutorial. It is good to know that if I later find a favorite skin I can switch the buttons myself! Thanks again beginner!
  5. Thanks Beginner! I don't know how to skin and I'm eager to try this out!
  6. Great! I'll have to learn how to do that. Is there a tutorial somewhere in the forums here? I haven't had a chance to search for it yet. Is there an option to add sounds to the skin? I'm sure not everyone would want their interface to have sound effects, but for those that do, it would be a cool option. I love having all my games in one cover-flow and not having to switch tabs to see my xbla games vs. my retail games. I love the auto-downloads of the screenshots and trailers. A full screen toggle would be great. I have just installed 0.4 and have not used previous versions, but I am amazed how fast you are developing this! Thanks!
  7. I fully agree on wanting the ability to watch trailers and view screenshots full-screen! That would be awesome! Also, would it be possible to Have a setting to switch the 'A' and 'Y' button functionality? I keep accidentally launching games by hitting the 'A' button when I just want to look at the description/screenshots... You could leave the default as-is but have the ability to switch your quick launch to the 'Y' button for added customization! Great work guys! Keep it up!
  8. I have small children at home, so I use the standard dash's parental control. After you enter your 4 digit code it ALWAYS asks you whether you want to add the game to your list of exceptions. For some reason, answering this question every time I load one of my games irritates me! I was wondering if anyone knew of a work-around for this. It is my understanding that you can add up to 25 games to your exception list... Does having your exception list full disable the prompt? If so, you could theoretically make ALL games require the password regardless of rating and just add kids games as exceptions. The only problem is that I don't have 25 kids games to fill out my exceptions list. Does anybody know the name of the data file in which the exception list is stored and its location on the XBOX? If there was a way to edit it and add a bunch of game IDs of games you don't own to the exception list, then you could fill out the list to 25 and possibly over-ride the exceptions prompt. Anybody have any thoughts on this? Is it worth a try? Thanks for your input!
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