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  1. Hmm. Strange. All my Trinitys were with MU on board but i have installed Aurora on HDD1. Does it matter where it is installed? I have no plugins and it makes no difference if i enable or disable freestyle addon.
  2. I always had problems with aurora trainer on all the xboxes (trinity). On at least 10 of them. Have tried with different settings for DL and Aurora always shuts down the xbox if the box starts into aurora at boot. If you run aurora from xexmenu then it does not crash. With this little tweak it works.
  3. Some users including myself was facing shutdown of console when selecting aurora trainer. After running aurora trainer the xbox freezed or. shuted down. So when I want to use aurora trainer all you have to do now is run the xex in zip. The best way is to add it into your game folder and run it everytime you want to use aurora trainer. It has to be run just once after a fresh start of xbox. After you run it the Aurora will reload and the xbox will no longer freeze. Aurora Trainer Loader.zip
  4. I would also like to know that if SMB server dll is available. It is easier to use smb (mount points) than ftp because you can use on the fly tools like 360mpGui. TNX for update.
  5. Well ok. Is there any debug option in aurora?
  6. I tried all those settings and it is the same. I can alwys reproduce the problem. If i want to run aurora with trainer i have to for example run from aurora xexmenu and then from within xexmenu run aurora and the trainers work. aurora is my default dash so if i run trainer right after aurora boot then the t freezes. It looks that there must be something different if aurora is run from xexmenu or. directly after boot.
  7. have no idea. If i use a default launch.ini in flash it works. As soon as i change default path to aurora for example on guide button it freezes when trzing to load aurora trainer. If i load the ordinary one it works. I am almost sure that there must be some bug. Can i create any dump or. log file which will help identify the problem? So this is what i did: So have deleted launch.ini from disk so the default one was loaded. Then the only change i have made to the default one is that guide button launches Aurora. So if i power xbox360 with gude buton it launches aurora if i start it with power button it launches default xbox dash. So i have come to conclusion that if i run aurora from xexmenu the trainers work. But if the aurora is run directly after boot of console (guide button in my case) trainer freezes the console. I did another experiment (a little silly one). Have launched directly aurora (guide button), then have run xexmenu from file manager in aurora, when in xexmenu i have launched again aurora and tried to run trainer. And again it did worked. So the freeze is only present when aurora is bootet directly after boot. The only thing that i have not tested yet is if the location where the game is have any impact. ATM my location is games\XBOX 360 (well i have tested it and it has no impact). P.s.: I have Aurora installed on internal HDD if this has any impact (not on usb or. internal memory)
  8. Is it possible that wrong launch.ini is causing this? This is my ini: http://pastebin.com/XdFCmypq I am asking this because after i have deleted this ini file and then have bootet indo xbox dash and from there launched xexmenu and then aurora and after that game and it did not shutdown anymore. Because of that i assume that it is caused by launch.ini file. Can someone pos a working ini file so i can try with that one. Oh i am using latest dash and dash launch 3.17 TNX
  9. Aha ok. Is it possible to get some debug logs to see what happens?
  10. Can i ask if you have found the cause for this behavior since i have a similar one? Did someone have a similar problem that Xbox shuts down when trainer is loaded. It happens only if Aurora trainer is loaded. The game starts but then it shuts down the console. It happens wit all trainers not just one. Aurora is latest 0.5 and fsd plugin is disabled. It happens that first time is loaded ok but then it fails and also other trainers.
  11. Hi. Are you going to release an updated all in one trainer package? TNX
  12. Are you planning to add option to download trainers from the menu? Something like updates.
  13. Well at least it is coming. Will wait and switch to FSD when needed.
  14. 360mpgui works very good but uses samba to mount disks from xbox. It works super under fsd which has samba integrated. Aurora has only ftp. I hope this will change in the near future.
  15. Hi! What is the best tool for Aurora to extract ISO and upload to Xbox360 HDD? Since Aurora does not have Samba i have to run FSD to activate Samba and upload ISO. Is there any tool that works on Win8.1 that does the same job as 360mpGui v1.3.0.1 that uses samba protocol to do this? 360mpGui is like swiss army knife but it does not allow you to extract and upload via FTP in one step.
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