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  1. nova

    Title Updates...

    cant download tu 6 for bo2
  2. nova

    FakeAnim v0.60b

    ok awesome @JPIZZEL its all working now ,great and thanks again,sud really get noob tut for this lota things in readme they dont say u sud do
  3. nova

    FakeAnim v0.60b

    lol ok so i didnt know and it dont tell me nowhr in the readme,but so far is all my other settings rite
  4. nova

    FakeAnim v0.60b

    ok sorry to all the expirts is thr really no noob tut to assist with this im doing all the ppl are saying and im still getting normal boot,this wot i did---copied files to root of my usb0 hdd edited my launch ini file ---fakeanim = Usb0fakeanim.xex---like that ,still getting normal boot plz help me
  5. ok copied all over to my usb hdd ,but plz eplain how i do this ----Edit your launch.ini to have fakeanim = point to the fakeanim.xex,,,,,cos mine still bootup normail
  6. ok ya it looks awsome tho but plz whr do i put these file
  7. ok more info how do i make this work me a noob
  8. yep guy but thinks its cos of my connection 1 meg,and its sharing over a network,tho the lobby display the rooms asap.only in the games link it takes long to show the active games
  9. try to reinstall f3 ,i had same error with chinese letters ,after reinstall was back to english,so when i connect to a lobby ,then go to link in the game it takes about 30 mins before i evan see any games but it works when it appears
  10. well i gots same problem ,in my case i installed f3 to my usb hdd ,so if i bootup without my hdd whr f3 is installed on the fan spins normal ,only when i reload f3 the fan spin at high speed (70%) again,evan if i connect my usb hdd to my sons xbox 360 his fan awso spins very loud,so wot i did was reinstall on another usb hdd and alls working normal again
  11. i treid all of the above and still no tu when in f3 for bo2 ????????? plz help
  12. when u connect a router it dont matter wot cable u use straigth or crossover cos the router does it all by itself,,,and also make sure the freestyle dash folder is not on the same hdd as whr your games is on -makes the hdd have to read twice as much if you also on a slow dsl line ,try to have freestyle folder on the internal hdd ,made mine work nicely
  13. tried it and didnt work but found in my freestyle folder under the data a tu flder with stuff in it and deleted that and now redownloading all tu`s and will try and report again
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