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  1. This skin was well but I wanted that had white letters and black background (but if you can not, leave the gray background by default, without touching the bottom like the picture you pass) like this good as it looks thank you very much for taking the time
  2. Hey look the kick image here: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=1623 which it is the post: "SKIN COLORS ONE AURORA 0.5B XBOX VERSION 3.2 UPDATE" I drew the picture with "XZP Tool 2" and climbed to a host. What made "Felida" was resize the image and thus is a bit bigger and pixelated. I love the skin "xbox one style 0.4B By DrNefarious360" if they can prove (it is for aurora 0.4b) Notice how the image is when you turn on the Xbox 360, the "home video" agrees with the "home screen aurora "the only thing I want is to put that image and display properly in the skin" Aurora Metro Blue 0.5b " here I upload them the extracted images to mega https://mega.co.nz/#!hhd1GIYA!tcD-Njayys8s4EqOsmWB7MArC5K9fgmWVOdxt3ozVyQ https://mega.co.nz/#!I9snjAoI!5YDXR5OC51UgAyUQ24-Nujy-74a0tQBIdAvV6siDN8E
  3. Sorry, but the image looks horribly, it looks very pixelated, not as I put the original image, anyway thank you very much for helping and you took the job. Rewards
  4. Felida hello, and try also replace the image Aurora.Skin.Scenes.Settings.About.Aurora.Logo.png and Aurora.Skin.Scenes.Splash.Logo.Alternate.png and I have the same results, the skin that you built me you, look at the home screen so your skin looks: I stay my same image appeared that the only thing that stood logo xbox 360
  5. Someone can put this "Home screen" in the skin, because the truth try xzptool, and the image goes wrong This is the skin: Aurora Metro Blue 0.5b http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4656-skin-aurora-metro-colors/ and this is the home screen I want to put: please if anyone can help, as this combined with the animation when turn on the Xbox 360 and the skin I like
  6. Hello you could help me put this screen, and I try to xzptool tool, but managed to do so
  7. hi basically I need that, a user script where I can put all the "title ids" I want and so form a customized list of games. This would serve me to use the "Quick view" and put for example "Games 4 player" and see all games for that amount of players (as in the script "only the local co op games" all games not shown) Well I need a script so I do a manual list of title ids, if I could help would be grateful. Thanks
  8. I want a new transition, which is equal to "Aurora by phoenix" but that is the covers look larger (as seen in the FSD) in other words you have a little more zoom will be added so it looks bigger in from a far distance.
  9. Hello good idea is to put on the filters an option to hide the titles of homebrew and aplication, this would be a very important option "Hide homebrew". Another suggestion is to make another transition "Cover layout" that equals "Aurora" By phoenix, but the covers look bigger. Thanks
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