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  1. Updated my NAND (no problem, wrote it to HD) did the power down and unplug. Booted up ok, has latest dash. . Can not get my console to see the $systemupdate. Have tried renaming it. ($$ystemupdate) Just booting to NXE dash .. no avatars and has me signed in. HAD TO NAME IT $$systemupdate....odd. But it worked. Thank goodness.
  2. Guidance on how to go about injecting xexmenu into the hdd? Would be grateful if you did have a look at your launch.ini and are able to make recommendations. #5, I am on a trinity and one of the unlucky ones that can not see XELL Reloaded.
  3. Thanks for the quick responce. . I have the latest version downloaded to my usb. PROBLEM, Because I updated the M$ dash my xbox no longer boots to FS. And when in the NXE dash I have no access to Xexmenu. Could I run Xexmenu off usb or disc? Also, what are the recomended settings for Dashlaunch? DO I delete the older Dashlaunch or will it overwright?
  4. I am not new to it, but I still have a hard time with updating. What I am asking is ..... how once I update my dashboard and the console only goes to the nxe dash, how do I update dashlaunch? Can I do this? Just update my dashboard with XEBUILD and then update dashlaunch? Starting to get the newer games that require the latest dash. Only reason I am asking. . . . ALSO, can someone recomend what settings I should have for dashlaunch?
  5. problem solved. Was on my end. Thanks for your help armonika
  6. PM sent, please let me know either way.
  7. I updated FSD (and DL, lernal) not long ago. The game resides on my external. I continued and was able to pay the game [till this point] after updates. I have cleared the cache, disabled and deleted and reinstalled the TU Sure, I can send you my save. It is not loading a cut sceen allowing me to continue. If you can just get past that and sen me the save back I can see what happens. How should I send the save to you??
  8. Thanks for the quick replies. I am current with FSD, DL, Kernal Yes it is the first auto swap title that is crashing for me. It is the 4 dvd game of the year title. So it includes all DLC (no way to remove it as it is not located in the area DLC is, it is part of the game) None of my friends have XBOX anymore. They all went PS3. (that is how I got mine cheap and modded it) Playing from HDD by the way. I hope it is not the game, still looking for a fix/patch/walkaround. it is crashing right when a cut scene should be playing. No, missing nothing.
  9. I am up to date with FSD, DL and Kernal. I'm playing the 4 DVD version. I have tried several different DLs of it. It always crashes at the end of The Quarter Moon Murders. I am not new to multi disc titles. But this has me stumped. HELP???
  10. http://link.jqe360.com/ Register... "Thank You. We received your submission." Go to my email. "Activation Required" Sorry no such account exists or activation code invalid. Been trying weekly for over a month now. Help?
  11. Xbox 360 link ERROR - invalid Security Answer Fill out the registration again Security answer I am trying is "http://www.realmodscene.com" and "realmodscene" and "Real Mod Scene"less the ""
  12. Auto update not working for me. Says NO updates available. FSD3 already installed. Know it is not a connection error because I get the weather and title updates. Also on boot my x-box runs threw 5 quick HTTP scans/connections. Happens so fast I have no idea what they are.
  13. Thank you for the response and guidance. Before I go and perhaps make things worse for myself, let me see if I am understanding. My internal is hdd1:XBOX 360 GOD (games) hdd1:XBOX 360 XEX (games) I did USB0:XBOX 360 GOD (games) USB0:XBOX 360 XEX (games) I SHOULD do someting like USB0:GOD (game) USB0:XEX (game) and I should be good??
  14. I have a rgh slim. Has a 500 gig internal. Just trying to add a 1TB external. I have the external being seen by FSD....BUT, I moved a few games to the external. They are seen by FSD. BUT GOD games give a error and tell me I need to re download them then the xbox goes to the NXE dash. XEX games will just not do anything from FSD. Only way to launch games on the external is to go into the path with file manager , find the default xex for GOD or the equivalent for xex titles and then they load. (not able to launch them from my "library") FSD recent played is not showing titles played from the External. I have set the paths for both the internal and external. Remove the external and the game titles still show in FSD. Help?? Please.
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