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  1. For what it's worth, I've been having the booting to NXE issue with Aurora and I'm also running off of the internal HDD. It never used to happen - I think it may have started once I set the "nohdmiwait" option to true. Which is a shame because that option was very useful for me. Haven't changed my hard drive or anything since I Jtagged this console years ago except for just updating the kernel, etc.
  2. Yes. I can get a guide together. I can post it probably towards the end of this week if that works for you. Admittedly, I haven't tried this with GOD since I haven't needed to. Most XBLA I just extracted out the xexs but clearly that didn't work for OutRun. So I guess, my one data point for this launcher is OutRun...full games I just rip from the original disc and the plain files are already available and work great so I haven't needed to check.
  3. Not directly related but FWIW if you ever notice your temps getting much higher than normal (my Jasper went to 80+ on idle all of a sudden one day..) you may want to look into re-seating your heatsink.
  4. Thanks -- unfortunately Ftpdll does not :-( (I can't guarantee the xbox is on Aurora/FSD at the time of launch). However -- that said, I found https://code.google.com/p/vdash/source/browse/trunk/vdash/src/fsd?r=5 which has more or less isolated launch code from FSD. From a few of those files (the lesser number was a lot more manageable), I was able to create my own project that reads a target.txt file and launches the container respectively. I can upload it somewhere if anyone else needs it. If it succeeds, the program launches. If it fails, it just shows you the default colored rotating triangle that people with the XDK are probably familiar with . The code looks like complete ass, but that's because I couldn't be bothered to learn any real C++ for this one-off task. In regards to your other options, I tried the other options but not XM360 -- perhaps I should have given that a look before spending all night (it is now 5AM and I have work in 4 hours!) doing this . Thanks!
  5. Some backstory: I'm trying to launch an XBLA title (Outrun Online Arcade, specifically), but when I extract out the XEX, it always goes back to the demo version. YarisSwap, X360GameHack, etc. is no go. I'd like the title to be an XEX so I can run an EXEC command over FTP to launch it. I found QuickBoot, which (it seems like) allows you to run your xex files via a container it creates for you. I would like the opposite: Ideally, I could just run an FTP EXEC command to this XEX and specify an XBLA container to mount and execute. It would be great if you could dump a launch.xex and a .txt or some other arbitrary file with a path and have it launch the title. If something like this doesn't exist, I'd be willing to try my hand at coding it - I installed the XDK and have the FSD 2 code loaded up (well it doesn't really compile, yet...). It's a quite a bit to try and figure out. I found some useful snippets of code in the source code for FSD (mount -> mountCon -> XamContentOpenFile), though I obviously don't need the entire codebase. I decided I would ask around before I even tried to wrap my head around developing for the 360 and learning cpp (I'm more of a C# person...). No other XBLA/GOD has given me this issue, so if anyone has any thoughts, I'd greatly appreciate them. Thanks!
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    Sweet - all set, thank YOU!
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    Had an account at team-fsd but just signed up here to ask...do you guys have a way to donate? Aurora is really great work...the easier I can make it to have people choose games, the less worried I am about leaving my jtag with others. Anyway, I would love to support the efforts. Thanks!
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