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  1. I used F3 before and it has Fan Setting where we can change the speed of our fan. Can you guys make this setting in future updates? Since Xbox 360 had overheating problems. Sent From Samsung Galaxy Note 3 32gb White Rose Gold. Cool isn't it?
  2. Hi. I encountered this weird situation when I tried to download Title Update from XboxUnity through Aurora. I had XboxUnity account and logged in with request API key enabled. Whenever I try to download one of the TU for my game, it says "An error encountered, please try again later." I also tried changing default device for the title update to downlosd by pressing Y, select the hard disk, and then it freezes. My question is, how do I change my default download device by not freezing my xbox? By the way, the default path for the download is Xbox360/system/hdd1. Thanks. Sent From Samsung Galaxy Note 3 32gb White Rose Gold. Cool isn't it?
  3. I tried to register earlier today for my xbox to automatically download covers and use link. When I enter my username/password etc. in the fill section, it turns red. Help please.
  4. How can I use this mods?? I got a GOD version of Skyrim
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