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  1. I have the exact same issue on my updated minecraft. And yes its my save, rehashed and resigned. Still not found a solution 😕 the game crashes as soon as I load the profile
  2. It does but this is before the game save is loaded. I can load the game up no issues but when I sign in with a profile thats when it shuts down.
  3. Tried loads :-/ little difference.
  4. I have this very same issue although fakelive was disabled 😕 I have everything at the latest release but nothing works. It only crashes when I either sign in to a profile or a profile is loaded on startup. Any help here would be appreciated TIA
  5. Quadrant 2 flashing red on switch on.
  6. HI, I have been following both these threads to update my Xbox to all the latest versions: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/349-update-your-rghjtag-with-xebuild-gui-and-nand-flasher-for-xbox-360/page__st__20#entry5731 http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/413-quick-and-easy-way-to-update-your-jtagrgh/ I been through the process several times now and every time I get the same outcome After updating the to the new NAND I get a Q2 error on the Xbox. I can boot into Xell-Reloaded and re-apply the old NAND to get the Xbox back running. Can someone help me please as to be honest I have no idea where I am going wrong!! My box is jtag'd Xenon and is on 2.0.14699.0 kernel. If you need any screenshots or anything else just holla and I will provide! I would love to get up onto FSD3 and have a completely uptodate box!!
  7. Ahhh not on f3 atm so wouldnt know what to suggest after that sorry!
  8. I usually manually delete them! Think you press "Y" on each game title
  9. Its a JTAG xenon board currently on 2.0.14699.0 kernel. Ive updated to dashlaunch 3.06 Edit: Info from Dashlaunch if it helps.....
  10. OK i have followed this and wabashman's tutorial and keep getting the same error on writing the updated NAND back to the XBOX. Upon startup after flashing I get a Q2 error on the XBOX and have had to re-write the "working" NAND back to the box using XELL-Reloaded. Any ideas on why this is happening? I can post up some screens etc at each step but any help would really be great!!
  11. Sorted!! Thanks JPizzle much appriciated - Now I need to know where I went wrong lol
  12. Hi Guys, Wonder if you can help, whilst being a noob on here I have flashed etc wii's previously so understand a little about the process. But have become unstuck atm. I have a Xenon 360 jtag'd last year. I followed this post http://www.realmodsc...e-your-jtagrgh/ into getting it as upto date as I could. At stage 1 & 2 I got a CPU key and a VIRTUAL CPU KEY in the XeBuild I put the CPU key details in and continued with the instructions. After flashing the new NAND back I cannot get the xbox to boot and get a Q2 red flashing light. I can however boot into xell-reloaded. I still have the original NAND that was "working" is there any way I can restore this back? I run a linux sytem at home so if I need to boot into the xbox using TFTP at all then I am ok at it. Any help will be most appriciated as I am a little unsure as to where I went wrong. Monkeynuts
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