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  1. Excellent, Thanks for your help. Mrripply.
  2. mrripply

    Help!!! Link

    If the ports fail then they are not open. Check portforward.com and select your router it will give you a step by step to open the ports for your router!! good luck... Mrripply
  3. Hi All, I have a Dual Nand rgh and im wondering if i star the console in Retail mode can i update the dashboard to the latest dash and if so will it also be updated when i reboot to fsd mode, sorry but i dont know much about dual nand rgh's. The guy i bought it from gave me 2 hdds one for rgh and one for retail mode. the reason im asking is i think i have to update dashlaunch and i read the latest dashlaunch needs a dash obove a cretain version. Is this the case or am i talking SH!T? Thanks for reading.. Mrripply
  4. This worked a treat, thank you very much indeed a great idea. Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions in the end i followed the above and copied xex from my mates hdd to a usb then put it on my rgh as a demo and now its there and i can use fsd now. thanks again
  5. hey thanks for replying, does the usb have to formated to fat 32? and will the xbox let me open it up after. also does xex have to be in a folder or just on the root of the usb. i take it i dont have to ormat the usb in the xbox first? thanks
  6. XEX is not there in NXE, I thank you for your help but i have to admit im lost here. i read somewhere that with horizon i could reinstall fsd? but the last time i used horizon it messed my pc up and i had to reinstall windows. your above suggestion does sound simple but when you dont know what you are doing its a bit daunting! im under pressure from the missus to get it working again the kid is going ape shit anyone?
  7. i used my mates rgh hdd i was transfering files to, and that worked fine. im not able to code or configure xml or anything like that. is there a simple solution? why cant i access fsd or xex?
  8. hey thank you very much for the replys, i know this may be obvious to some but how can i update the config if i cant access dashlaunch or fsd? thanks again
  9. Hi all, I have a Dual nand rgh i bought, it was running fine untill about an hour ago. i tried to update to aurora as freestyle has not been working great i read that people are moving across, iftpd it to my rgh. then went to file manager and opened the dashlaunch xex. t it said dashlaunch could not boot as there was an updated version Do You Want To update! So i did . the console restarted and now it boots to the original dashboard and i cant get in to xex menu or fsd i have no options. i have a friends hdd here and i tried that one and it boots into fsd no problem any chance of some help here as my son is due home and he wont be happy that its not working! thanks in advance Mrripply
  10. hey guys,i got some great help here updating my rgh dash and freestyle dash so for that i thank all involved, now i am stuck again, i am using dvd extract to put some backups on my 2tb external hdd formated to fat32, after transfering them they show up in freestyle dash like usual but when i select play i get cant play game try downloading again, ive tried 2 games and the same thing, one is minecraft for my son but it will not play and ive no idea why as all the other games load fine only difference is they are on the internal which is getting full now so i dont want to use that!! any helphere would be great im giving this to my son as its his birthday tomorrow so i need to get this sorted asap, please help!!
  11. thanks for the help, only thing is in xbuild it did not have the option to go on a higher dash! and when i chose custom and error came up,am i doing something wrong?? thanks again....
  12. hey guys this is my first post so please be gentle, ive updated to 16574 dash, had to install freestyle dash again and also dashlaunch, at the moment my console wont boot to freestyle dash so i read to use dashlaunch and followed a guide, but when i go to paths and try to select default the xbox freezes and i have to restart the console, i read that maybe this version of dashlaunch is the problem ( 3.07) im really stuck here and any help would be great!!
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