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  1. Having the same problem, I'm going to try and re- download the plugin, I'll let you know if that works
  2. The name, I dont want to have a name like "Hosted by magiik modderz, Northeast, testing shaders for mw2, if you join please don't do x y and z blah blah blah ect, but w/e
  3. Got this working, it's pretty good, but I think you guys should add an option on jqe360 to allow people to write descriptions of their rooms, like "Testing Something" or "Located in Northeast" would be cool -magiik
  4. It is a real devkit, thank you for your help. Is there any reason that fsd is not discovering games like cod4 and modern warfare 2?
  5. It continues to tell me that the test was failed, does that not matter? How do I launch link then?
  6. Hello, I was wondering if you could make a version of this available without the ping patch, I am using a devkit which has no limit on ping but LiNK will not work unless I have a ping patch on. If you cant do this I understand, it would just save me, and probably some others, a bit of trouble. -Thanks
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