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  1. Is there any danger to go Live with RGH console???
  2. Yea. You right. Sorry. So alsow using FSD, we will not be able to play multiplayer???
  3. Is there any chance, that there will be LINK support for ACBF??? THX!
  4. So I see, that new update got many bugs, and needs to be fixed.
  5. Hi. Weather stops working! New TU menu work only on delault skin. With other GOW3 theme, and many others it freez when etering TU menu. New plugin showing new info when blades press, works ony with default skin. How can i go back to Freestlye 3 Beta Rev 735??? Do i need install everything from the begining?? I don't like new upade. It killed all the fun from FSD software!!!
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