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  1. The early CFW''s Rogero released for 4.21 were very unstable. This list shows what worked and what didn't. CECH 2501b BRICKABLE SlimCECH 2501a BRICKABLE Slim/FatCECH 2511a ACEPTABLE SlimCECH 2004A ACEPTABLE SlimCECH L04 ACEPTABLE FatCECH 2011A ACEPTABLE SlimCECH 2001A ACEPTABLE SlimCECH L01 ACEPTABLE FatCECHG 01 ACEPTABLE FatCECHL 11 ACEPTABLE N/ACECHK 01 ACEPTABLE FatCECH 2101 ACEPTABLE Slim Unless a software method was released, he will need a hardware flasher. Good news is he doesn't need to have a proper nand/nor dump anymore to restore like previously.
  2. He might need a hardware flasher installed if he has truly bricked it. God knows how, Rogero's last few CFW releases are stable. Unless he used an old one. I don't know why he didn't just put CFW 4.40 1.02 on, the very latest ? Only thing is to search http://www.tortuga-cove.com/ and look for others who have had a similar problem.
  3. Installed over the top of the last RogeroCFW from the XMB, runs fine. If it's Rogero, you can trust it !
  4. Yeah, wouldn't want to talk about piracy on a mod site, where there is link real time top 5 display on the main page which regularly shows people playing games that have not been released yet, sometimes 3 weeks prior to release date. Anyways, I too have about 470 xbla and over 500 actual games ... the only time it has ever crashed FSD was on the initial scan. It crashed about 3 or 4 times but continued okay. After that it has been fine ever since, never had a problem.
  5. Thanks guys, quick update this time around
  6. Frank Rizzo


    Why would anyone bother ? When it's so easy to just go onto CFW 4.30 these days. I don't see any benefit whatsoever to dex at all.
  7. Just updated with it, nice. For some reason I've stuck with 3.55 until today, then I thought ... what the hell, time to move up ! Rogero is a legend, and a true hero for the PS3 scene which has suffered for so long.
  8. Been using it for a few days now, and it's superb. Only initial problems I had was when it was adding games from my paths it crashed a few times. I do have about 450 xbla and about the same in retail games on internal and external combined. But, it did manage to find them all, import 3D custom covers as well no probs. Coverflow is great, and fast. Initial loading is way faster also. Do I have a complaint ? No. It's fantastic.
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