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  1. I stil can't connect to any room... i will wait a little bit more.
  2. I am from México, i play fine between 12am and 4am, but when i wanna play on the 10am, oh surprise! System Link don't work. where are you from? Maybe its issue of region.
  3. I have the same problem, i don't know why
  4. Hello Komrade! I find the correct post, i hope you can help me. (Sorry my translation) I don't have internal HDD, so i always use my external HDD partitioned to have 32gb to install dlc, tu, etc. With the new kernel version now i can use all mi entire HDD external, that's great, so i quit the 32gb partition to have more space available, but this is the problem, the Aurora menu can't find all my tittle updates from the new "device system". ¿Can you bring me(us) a tutorial to add the reading path on the external drive in Aurora? That be a great help. Thank you komrade!
  5. Kaiya

    DLC problem

    Hi Komrade! Well, the DLC for the game Black Ops 1 must match with the same language that you game its (sorry mi translation). Example: I have the Black ops game in Spanish, so i need download the DLC to the game in Spanish. If i download the DLC, but for the game in English, they appear in the DLC list, but they never go to run into my game. I hope this be the correct answer to you problem. Good luck!
  6. Hello komrades! I would like to add a suggestion for the next upgrade: Some kind of "System Link User Viewer(or Checker)", "in this way, we can see how many players are in a game and know on wich Tittle Update are they without "losing a little time" while starting the game, and so save us having to go back out to the menu Aurora and look back on again to check other games. This....ammm...plugin, can be used by users who may not have access to the website at that time. Wooaaaoo, I just got an idea to my mind. I go to do a little of Photoshop work to show you my idea, because i dont know anything about codes or programing. I hope you like the idea. Ciao.
  7. Hello Komrades! Well, my question is the same that the topic. When i create a Room from Xboxunity.net, that room appear on the list game rooms as available to join (in the web page and System Link plugin inside game), but my friends can´t join from theirs Xbox, only can do that from the web page. The Room i create its free to join, not private with pass. ¿Already exist some solution to this "bug"? ¿Or only happend to me? Thank you.
  8. Thank you Komrades! I go to take a view! [Edit] I love it! All the TU in All games start with the game, even in Halo 4 TU10 The File manager its wonderful! Thank you a lot! Now i go to find a skin that work with this new version. Congratulations Komrades!
  9. Well, if you say so i go to upgrade and chek another...theory.... If Aurora make a Back up from the TU in the same location drive, i go to bing it 30min to Aurora before i go to play a game, i go to try that and tell you the result. Wish me luck comrades. [Edit] YAAAAHHHOOOOOO!! IT WORKS!!! Making a totaI count of all the TU inside the OnBoardMU the result is 649MB installed, i only left pass 30 min in mi first Xbox and all TU inside OnBoardMU works fine, in the second Xbox ony left 25min and too, in the last Xbox that i have, only left pass 15 min and all TU's work nicely. I only think this: When i make a copy of a game from a USB drive to the hard disk, take me 15min of a game with a weight of 7GB, well, if the game take 15min passing, all the backup make less than 15min...well, at least i think that. Thank you for you time and help komrade Swizzy.
  10. Try Downloading the TU from the Aurora or Freestyle Menu, reebot you Xbox an try again, if you want to install the TU manually, chek your game Media ID and download the TU from xbuc.net
  11. Talking about that file manager. Well, i dont think happend to all of you, but i have a external hard drive with 1tb capacity, when i copy a guitar hero game (in FSD) to the Hdd1, some tymes appearme the sign of fatal crash in the middle of a song. I have a Corona V2. I know a problem like this in corona motherboard with the Rock Band tittles, but i dont play RB, so dont interest ne so nuch, bui what call my atention its that detaill of the Guitar hero tittles, if i copy the games with FTP the games run fine and clean, but only in the file manager copy happend that. ¿Can be a error of alternative menu? I mean...¿Aurora go to do the same? Greetings.
  12. Hello Komrades! In guess that problem about freeze in the Xbox when you try to close the profile 1 with joystick 2 came from all the Xbox with RGH installed, because i try it before, i have a Gameroom with 3 Xbox and each one came with RGH, all do the same, that's not an Aurora error, i use before FSD and the same happend.
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