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  1. Or a simpler way is to change the password to 'xbox'... I tried many different consoles with aurora and all of the work excellent...
  2. I don't really think that's the way to ask for something... It doesn't NEED to be added, but instead you could be more polite and ask if it COULD be added... Just a suggestion, I don't know if you have any knowledge of programming, but every time someone asks to add a feature it takes a great amount of work, that in this case, isn't remunerated, so try to keep that in mind the next time. By the way, I'm a programmer...
  3. I tried, but every time I get the invalid login message... I sent a message to JPizzle... waiting for an answer... Thanks for taking the time to reply my post.
  4. I had a JQE360.com account set up a while ago, then I decided to switch from FSD to Aurora (great launcher by the way), and I decided I wanted to use my old Link account, but no matter how many times I tried, I couldn't log in, so I tried to set up a new account, but it didn't work either. For what I've read through the forums the account needs to be validated via e-mail, but nothing has come, not in my inbox nor my Spam folder. My user is NetworkSniper. Hope you can help
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