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  1. you mean update hacked nand with 16756 avatar or update with 16747 avatar? will my original nand (dashboard 16756) continue working normally?
  2. thanks, I'd like to try this, but I don't know how do this. Do you have some doc, links, instructions or where can I find more info about this?
  3. I did not understand you. I mean it seems my dashboard version must be the same on both (switch) to kinect work. When I boot up on freestyle (older dash + dashlaunch) with a external hard drive, the kinect ask for update and doesn't work. So, when a new version is released for xbox, mine it updated so I can play on xbox live.
  4. Unfortunately for me, my console has dual boot (trident switch) and the kinect doesn't work if there are different dash versions. I always have to update to new dashes to connect to live.
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