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  1. Hi keyser.... Second time around the program allowed my database to load with no errorrs. The JQE download worked fine but the marketplace download throws up an error just as it finishes. I clicked no to send an error report and then thought I should have noted the error code. Anyway, it mentioned an overflow error and the progress bar is still showing with the last item on the download list but items to download is a zero. The window/progress bar is still displayed and with it being there I cannot select anything from the main window. The only way I can get back control is if I end the process and restart the program, but by doing so the database will not save and I have to start over. I love the program I just think it doesn't like me I'll keep trying but this has happened twice, I just wish F3 had a refresh all function so I don't have to do cover by cover if I can't get your program to work. Update..... I tried to end the program by just closing the window and the updated database seems intact, so I will try syncing today
  2. Thank you Keyser, I'll send it to you once F3 has finished doing it's thing. Thought I'd give F3 another go at getting the covers.
  3. Yes it does pop up with a window asking if I want to send an error report. The title of this window is Gadabama Getcontentitemsdata. If I say no to this another error apears titled update image folders, error code 3078 The Microsoft access database engine cannot find the input table or query 'mycontent'. Make sure it exists and that the name is spelled correctly. I'll try putting F3 on a usb stick and give that a go... Thank you for the continued help
  4. Yeah sorry about the lack of detail!! Firstly I've never used Gadabama, so from the start there is no database, So I follow the steps suggested and set the destination for the F3 folder and the content folder. I then go to the next step of importing F3 and content data. This is when the error occurs. Error 3163: The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. . Try inserting or pasting less data. Then when I run the program again it asks me to repeat the process. I understand that you can plug in an external drive to your pc and Gadabama will see it, rather than going over samba. However I really want to download covers for my xbla content which F3 is not getting for me, but strangely it has no problem getting the game covers automatically. So Gadabama is my best option or its refresh artwork 3000 + times to get all data for my indie and xbla games. The xbla and dlc are on the internal drive so my only option is to use samba as far as I know. Could you suggest a samba app that you mention on your post? I hope this is what you needed? Running latest F3, dashlaunch 3.05 and 14719
  5. Great program guys but every time I try to import my Db, I get Error 3163: The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. . Try inserting or pasting less data. Any ideas how to get around this??
  6. Thank you Armonika for the suggestion. The program looks great but every time I try to import my Db, I get Error 3163: The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. . Try inserting or pasting less data. I'm not sure how to get around this so looks like I'm back to square one
  7. livestrong is not on, and strangely I downloaded covers with no problem when I added the games folder, it just seems for some reason not to be working for the xbla content. No problems with the old version of FSD. So I guess it's not dashlaunch related. I guess I'll have to do it manually for now. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. This is cover related and I'm sure your thinking not another post about covers I'm aware of how to get covers to download automatically and what steps to take if they are not, so no need to tell me. I do however have a weird problem. I added my games folder and the covers and description/screen shots downloaded fine. I then added my xbla folder, which has loads of indie games in it as well. I think there were well over 10k of items to download. Well that is now finished and I have all the decriptions as you would expect, but no covers at all. Hmm so what was I downloading? This is the strange part though... When I say I have no covers that is not strictly true. If I go into the info screen for one of the many games as the cover icon flips to a slightly different view it appears that I have the back portions of the cover, just not the front. I have custom cover downloads enable and my jqe password entered, although the password section is blank now, but my username remains, so maybe this has some bearing on the problem. I'm running 14719 and dashlaunch 3.05. Maybe someone has the same problem?? Oh just to let you know if I reresh the artwork everything downloads fine... I just can't face doing that 1000's of time. Thnks guys
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