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  1. can i add new tabs to my fsd using this tool?
  2. is there any way to hide some games in FSD Tabs? (i dont want to remove or delete them.)
  3. thanks. its work (also you must change the dhRichClient3.dll path in registery).
  4. Is there anyway to install GaDaBaMa on another Drive? (My C: Drive is full)
  5. No. For example i moved Sonic Generations Game From Arcade To Xbox360 Tab in FSD. but when i Sync, the game return to Arcade Tab.
  6. hi i arrange my games in FSD Tabs, but when i sync GaDaBaMa, all my effort will be lost and puts their in default Tabs. anyway to keep my games arrangements? i use GadaBaMa v3.1.1.
  7. excuse me, for my delay.no. i only changed some game pathes.this ocurred for some games (not all). the games have TitleID (in gadabama).
  8. hi, when i press start->Current Game or JQE360->Current Game for the first time a window appear that ask TitleId. how can i correct this? i edited content.db manually.
  9. thanks i found menusettings.xml and edited it manually, but can not locate skin.xml!
  10. i'm using Freestyle 3.0.483. thanks. your solution is not the best but applicable. i open "settings.db" with "SQLite Database Browser 2.0". there is a table win the name "Tabs". i add an entry to it but no tabs appears in fsd.
  11. hi. can you fix the datetime reset in every turn on/off of Dashboard on jtagged XBOX. i khow that this can fix with connection to internet. but for thoese that havent ability connect to internet, i propuse write datetime before turrning of xbox on a location and after restarting xbox, check is datetime sync, if not reload last datetime,... or just asking for correcting datetime. best reguards
  12. I want adding my own Tabs to FSD. for example "My Child Games". and put some games to it. how can i achieve this? best reguards.
  13. my son can not read but can recognize images and launch F3.and i dont want directly boot to f3.
  14. i have a jtagged xbox slim wid dashboard 16197. and i havnt any posibility connect it to internet. i also use FSD as a shortcut in NXE to lauch it. unfortunatly in nxe there is no cover for games. do you know any way to add game covers to them (manualy)? thanks.
  15. thank, it's work like a charm (a.), that's resolve my problem. it downloaded all covers from Jqe360.com. now my son can view game covers and choose games in FSD. God bless you. have you any idea about game covers in NXE? i buyed a slim and jtaged it. and updated it's dashborad version is 16197. but in nxe all installed games doest have any cover.
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