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  1. Great release! I'm really impressed with the new manual TU scanning option. Dash loading times are amazing now!
  2. Wow I'm such a dumba$$. Extracted the ISO and got the XBLA folder. First time I've dealt with XBLA on disc. GOD format most definitely doesn't work. Thanks.
  3. Swizzy is it possible to have an option to run a FTP server in background while in a game or app? I realize this would affect performance (especially on Link), but it could still be a nice option to be FTP'ing some content while playing a simple game or app. The background ftp server option could be made to turn on only when selected by user, so that it doesn't auto start and steal RAM when you don't want. It could maybe use the freestyle plugin's memory space, like the user could run the background ftp server plugin or freestyle plugin (not both).
  4. I have the same issue. As far as I know this is not XBLA. It's a 7GB iso file, after using iso2god, it's only 1.2GB. It plays part of the first campaign, then askes to unlock the full game. XM360 doesn't even list it (not XBLA?). 360 content manager shows it unlocked.
  5. OK I was mistaken, it's not scanning for new content when autoscan is disabled. I added new content, and a reboot didn't detect it, I needed to manual "scan now" and my new content appeared. So it is working as designed, sorry for the false report. I thought it was scanning for new content during start up as it lists a bunch of files being scanned on the splash screen. but you're right Swizzy it appears to be the title updates (cache and all the 000B0000 folders) that is most significant (over 300 titles here). The slightly longer dash load time (compared to last version) is certainly not a big issue for me, although if there was an option to not scan title updates in the next version I'd certainly try it out. Thanks for your great support!
  6. Great release! I love the file manager! One minor issue: Disabling AutoScan seems to have no effect. This worked fine on last version. Now, it is scanning everything everytime Aurora starts, but disabling autoscan doesn't prevent it. I'd prefer to disable autoscan for faster Aurora start and manual scan if I add content. Start time has changed from aproximatey 8 seconds (last version autoscan disabled) to aproximately 15 second (this version autoscan disabled).
  7. If you have two routers (modem router, and wireless router), you need setup port forwarding on the first router (your "modem") to the static IP address of your 360. It's rare that modems are just modems these days, if it's a modem and router in one (the norm) then you probably have two NATS (one from your modem/router and one from you wireless router). Just be sure that the "modem" is forwarding your LINK ports to you xbox. No need to setup anything on your wireless router, but if you can turn off NAT that might help. Make sure that your client xbox has the gateway set to the IP address of your modem, and DNS set to the IP address of your modem. You want to skip all routing/NAT features of you wireless router and just use the NAT of your modem.
  8. Well, I wanted to install my copy of Skyrim so I don't need the disk to play. I put the disk in the console, and installed in NXE. Then started FSD and did manual scan, it shows up fine. Oops I forgot to run NXE2GOD, so I run that, it finds Skyrim and converts it. I do another manual scan in FSD. Game runs fine, but I have two copies of the shortcut in FSD. I move one to "no section". Now the other shortcut doesn't work. So I move that shortcut to "no section". I do another manual scan, but no it's not detected. Also game stops loading in NXE. I delete the game completely, install from scratch, run NXE2God, and do manual scan. The game is not detected, still not in the list. Although it does work in NXE just fine. What is happening here? I thought a scan should detect a game after it's been moved to "no section". It appears not. Is it possible that games in "no section" appear already detected, so they are not picked up by a scan? I'd rather not have to remove all scan locations and restart a scan from scratch. Any ideas as to why I'm having these issues?
  9. Bug Report: This issue was present in previous versions of FSD, and it still present in 775. The option "show favorites" does not persist in coverflow. When leaving the games list and returning, it indicates it is still in show favorites but it is showing all. All other game list modes work fine.
  10. Link is intermittent for me today, as are jqe360 and realmodscene websites. My guess is we're getting ddosed.
  11. Awesome update! Bug report: "Show favorites" still doesn't persist in Cover Flow.
  12. 55c for CPU and GPU. 70c for RAM.
  13. hi bro ! please tell me how to fix this thanks a lot ... i changed my static route to my xbox 360 ip and disable upnp and portforwarding and not try yet to this is work or not http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/803-strange-problem-with-unable-to-join/page__view__findpost__p__5975

  14. No TUs don't go to the official cache folder when downloaded using the built-in FSD tool. I believe only the ACTIVE TU is put in official cache (I may be mistaken). OP made one hell of a wish list, seems a bit presumptuous to ask teamFSD to find the time and inclination to add features such as XBMC and Netflix. (you think you're the first person to jump on a forum and make such bold requests?) If I were you I'd keep your wish lists down to bug fixes (be specific, and explain exactly how to reproduce the bug) and feature additions the pertain to dashboard control and usability. If you want to see XBMC ported to microsoft XDK or libxenon then dive-in and do it yourself.
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