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  1. Thx for the replies - I didn't want to bother I do appreciate some customizing choices of The Team. As disk space is limited, it's easier to manage the games/datas when they are stored in your own way. And (feel free to correct me) the scan only aim for the "default.xex" - that you should find easily ? Then I don't have to wait for endless scan throught (!10!) repertories levels. I can use a specific drive for kinect games but there's not that much games. And to get the covers I shoudn't change their rep names. So thanks to Irishdave, , by now, I made a specific rep "0Kinect". And pointed that one on F3 settings with an unused category ("xbox classic") and depth set to 1. I will set that depth to 2 if it happens to have multi-disk on kinect too. So I have the kinect games coverflow under the xbox v1 icon. I am not sufficiently informed/trained to make the suitable icon and send it to skin devs. Indeed I may send proposal to Ayr's Illume (wich is very customizable) - if I can contact him. (Admin : Should I'll close that post if no answer)
  2. Hi F3 downloads all the artworks from JQE360. But I need to add some missing/custom covers and icon. Does F3 WebUI wait for specific format ( bmp, jpg...) ? Linked in http, I can't even upload the jpeg downloaded from JQE360 (ie 900x600 in jpg). Thx
  3. Thanks for the rapidity I saw on fsd2 specific path for kinect? But maybe another skin mods... I read that the name of the directory (in my case "kinect") can affect the scan. But renaming didn't solve. I also see about plugins but I have only one and disabling dont solve either. Keep looking
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  5. Hi, I have a problem with F3 and kinect games. Any help will be appreciated. I run a 16197 and F3 moves are very effective. Games path is saved on the settings \ content - with automatic and depth set to 3. But I don't get any new kinect icon on F3 default. I tried alternative skin (looping), but the kinect icon list the homebrew coverflow. Does each paths in the settings generate a task icon ? I don't know how to call the icons to acess to games/Software coverflows (DVD, 360Games, XBLA, homebrew, Emulator) ? What I have to do to get the kinect icon and my kinect games within ? Thanks
  6. 4hat

    First theme Chronic360

    Illume's backgrounds are very great (Thanks to Ayr) High resolution, clear pictures, lots of reliefs, great depth of vision field, ... And the controls remains highly visible. I may also point the customization ability of that skin (transparency, and other skins effect are available). But I didn't see how to make the skin change its pictures at startup ? Why should they be unused datas I saw you did a good job on icons. But does the background can change with the context ? By now I'm too noob but I hope my comments will help Thus, If you include a coverflow, I suggest you to see the layout with titles on the edges from Lucidity skin (Thanks to Aioros). www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/273-lucidity-skin-for-f3-rev-402-by-aioros/page__hl__lucidity The thing that I don't like on coverflow is their presentation with infini loop : if you have only 4 homebrews you still have to see many boxes! Can't it just run quickly to the other end? And don't hurry : don't try to do it all at once, and provide us your project. You'll get feedback (ideas and help).
  7. Get kinect icon on F3

  8. Hi, I am new on this stuff and still learning... So , thanks for this new Freestyle. Kinect controls are very intuitive
  9. 4hat

    First theme Chronic360

    Hi, Can you please tell me what tools you're using and your issues ? Keep up and Thanks
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