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  1. LusKereN

    Buy a RGH console

    Swizzy could you post a link ?
  2. LusKereN

    Buy a RGH console

    Hello guys. I'm looking for at place to buy a RGH console from a trusted installer. I would like it to as close to denmark as possible. Anyone who can help ???
  3. I guess there is only the hard and long way to do it then
  4. I tried to move it around in different places. And i get the same error every time So can't use this program... Any other solution ?
  5. So you want me to uninstall it, and then install it in another location?
  6. I installed with default setting and locations... And the shortcut to it, is placed on the desktop ? Can you be more specifik about what you want me to do ?
  7. Now i have password on my windows, but it still give me that error. And I still run it as administrator
  8. Yeah i know it fuck's something up on the win8, i just hate to type the password everytime windows starts
  9. Running win8 and have disabled the password.. And tried the "run as Administrator" but it does not work
  10. Got that working now, but then in step 2 I keep getting the "you must run this application as administrator" :-/
  11. Yeah i know... But it does not find the Database or the Gamedata, those two fields just stays blank.
  12. Yeah but nothing happens in step one I may have to try again later when the kids arent running around me playin
  13. cant get the program to work... I select the F3 folder after i copied it to my HDD, but nothing happens in the GaDaBaMa
  14. Thanks datastream I will have a look at it
  15. Is there an easy way to update all games in FSD. I mean getting all the TU's for all the games you games in the libary ? Or is there only one way, selecting a game and start getting the TU's for that game, and then on to next one ????
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