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  1. Lol I know dude , groovy Lol are you reffering to the FTP thing or the Kernel Mcjiggy ?
  2. could you give me a link to the kernenl you reccd. ? and where do i get the Avatar Data ? lol (im a newb) and could i FTP it over cause I dont have a flash drive ? Thanks Alot Swizzy
  3. Just checked and no plugins , and the kernel is 2.0.16203.0
  4. I've been using FTP for around a few months and transferred around 30 to 40 games to my jtag. but recently , i've been having a really annoying problem. Everytime I FTP a game over , and load it (both through the .xex and shortcut in the game library) it says "Fatal Crash Intercepted". I've made sure that all the files have been transferred. It's happened with 3 games already. Although the last game I did it on (Street Fighter x Tekken) Worked just fine. I haven't tried doing it directly from a USB because i dont have access to one. If I could hook up my JTAG HDD to my PC and install the games directly with the SATA cable, could that fix it ? Thanks for reading (:
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