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  1. holey crap people are still asking for this use dashlaunch like wtf swizzy and them reply every time with the same answer so stop asking lol ive seen if like a 100 times
  2. where to donate then cuz if you keep coming out with stuff like this ill keep donating nvm i got it thx for everything i donated you guy are awesome keep up the good work. every update ill double my last donation
  3. how do i install different wallpapers is there a certain format do they have to be a certain pixel
  4. you guys are awesome what ur doing is not easy i write code so i know i was going to ask it there is going to be skins and if the ones on other websites work on .3b and how to install if they do i know this is not that important but would be nice to know
  5. will i also be able to download from the updater in aurora how long do you think till it will be ready?
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