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  1. neither of those are an option, but thank you.
  2. and is there any way to play gta online on an RGH box?
  3. Solved. Don't know how though. I just booted up and the plugin was loaded. Btw does somebody know if i can set up gta online or RDR to work with LiNK? (every youtube tutorial shows CoD)
  4. that picture was not of my own box. mine doesn't load the link plugin or any other. that is my problem!
  5. but then why is it not loading the plugin. I checked the plugin is right where it should be
  6. it's not working with dashlaunch and btw the picture i linked was not of my console. i just din't understand what you wanted to say
  7. systemlink tap? like the one in the picture? http://i46.tinypic.com/16a4oc9.jpg
  8. I already did, but it does nothing.
  9. but i deleted the plugin so it could update itself, but the console isn't checking for any updates. it never did since it was glitch hacked
  10. where do i check that? but anyway why isn't this piece of crap checking for updates (i also have an older, 2.2 dash, and it's not checking for updates on that either)
  11. I checked, everything passes
  12. Hello everyone. I was trying to set up LiNK yesterday, after manually installing fsd 3 rev 775 i managed to open ports and connect to jqe360, but when i tried to access the gaming rooms i saw that there is no link icon in the guide menu. Some other forum said it may be because of the fsd plugin is not loaded. Tried loading it on my box but it just says it's not loaded. I tried deleting it and have it re-downloaded by updating. Now the REAL PROBLEM is that my console isn't showing any updates even on an older dash. (Though i get cover and title updates) What could be causing this? !!!!SOLVED!!!! Don't know how but the plugin is now loading, LiNK appears, even tough i don't know how to get in an online match. Olny tried RDR
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