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  1. THANKS, that would be GREAT! If a small Update (0.6c) would be possible to fix this bug, it would be even more GREAT! It's the only thing for me (and surely others too) to switch completely to Aurora. Waiting over a year again for the next update would be a pain in the axx for me again. But hey, it's your decision. ;-) And a BIG THANK YOU to the whole team to make this fine piece of software possible!
  2. I am using the same connectx.xex in both Backup Managers. Or did you mean something different? Playing one disc games is working fine. Only with Multi-Disc games (GOD Container) disc swapping isn't working. If i remember it correctly we discussed the same problem over a year ago with aurora 0.5b. And i think other people did say Disc Swapping was working in Folder Format but not with GOD Container. And i would like to keep the GOD Format to reduce number of files. Game loading is a bit faster then.
  3. Are you guys using Ripped (Folder) or GOD Container games? Mine are all GOD's. I will look into Dashlaunch. But why is it working with FSD 3 then? (Same machine, Dashlaunch settings)
  4. Hi, first of all: A BIG Thank U for the Update! But, i hoped the last important bug (for me) would get solved, but it isn't. It's the last thing why i have to use FSD 3 for Multi-Disc Games. I'm playing the games over network, which works fine. But not with multi-disc games. The Autoswap feature doesn't work with aurora 0.6b I have to use FSD 3 for these games. I use the same connectx.xex with both Backup Managers on the same machine. Autoswap works with FSD 3 but not with Aurora 0.xb-0.6b. PLEASE solve this last bug. So i (and surely others) can completely switch to aurora. Until now i have to use both Backup Managers.
  5. Yes, i know, very strange. I tested also Dead Space 3 and Wolfenstein - The New Order. All the same problem. Disc swapping doesn't work with Aurora, but with FSD 3 it works. I also copied the plugin file from FSD 3 to Aurora, but didn't help. When playing the game from a local drive (usb), then there is no problem with Aurora, too. Disc swapping works like it should. But not if you try to stream the game over the network with connectx???
  6. Well sorry, but i wanted also reply to the 'topic' of this thread. That's why i said, that i can't say if the mod is the problem with GTA V. And Dead Space 2 is definitely a game where disc swapping doesn't work if you stream the game over the network. (The Threadstarter doesn't exactly describe where the game comes from, that's why i answered, if he tried to stream the game) Tested this game myself. Doesn't work with aurora but is working with FSD 3 on the same system.
  7. Hello everyone, there is something wrong with Aurora (Freestyle Plugin), if you stream games (connectx) over the network: Read this: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5455-aurora-multidisc-support/ If it's the mod in this case i can't say, but disc swapping is generally NOT working when streaming games over the network. With FSD 3 it works. (I hope this will be fixed, until the next release) Thanks.
  8. It's becoming really weird.... Tried it as you suggested and copied the plugin from FSD 3 to Aurora. But no success. Now i'm getting out of ideas what else i could try..... I'm lost
  9. Then it's REALLY strange why it's working with FSD 3 and not with Aurora if it's exactly the same plugin. No modifications were made for Aurora?
  10. As Swizzy said, i didn't need to create DVD1 and DVD2... Folders since 4 Years now, when i was using GOD Containers. They were all in this folder structure: 'TitleId\00007000\<Files goes here>' on Internal, External and Network. All worked incl. swapping discs until now. And it works with FSD 3 too on the same machine and network. Do you really think i need DVD1 and DVD2 Folders for it to work with Aurora. Why? Sorry for that question, but that seems not to be reasonable for me. PS: Tested Dead Space 2 with the same GOD Game folder structure (Same as on network drive) from external USB Drive. (Without DVD1 and DVD2 folders) And yes.......from USB Drive disc swapping works as i know it since years now! I hope you believe me now, that there must be something wrong how Aurora deals with connectx when it tries to swap discs. Please Aurora Team, fix this problem. Thank You.
  11. That could be the difference. I ONLY use GOD Container which should not be a problem for swapping discs. (As i said, works fine with FSD 3 and connectx) I don't want to extract discs to files, because some games have many files in the ISO. (Slower loading & copy times over network) Then it can only be a problem with swapping discs when they are GOD's or a problem within connectx (Streaming over Network) itself. Loading times over network with GOD Containers are not bad (with my system), Extracting them and streaming them over network increases loading time.
  12. Thanks for the fast reply. Ok, i did what you suggested, unloaded FSD Plugin and startet the game with disc 2, but still the same behaviour. (Please insert disc 1) Seems to be a bug... PS: Also tried it with Wolfenstein - The new Order. Also didn't work. With FSD 3 it worked. One more question, but it doesn't belong here, sorry: As i played around with FSD 3 i found out, that i can delete files on the network drive or copy them to the network drive with FSD3, which doesn't work in Aurora. Will this 'feature' come for aurora too?
  13. Hi, First of all a BIG THANK YOU to the whole Aurora Team for the 0.5b Update. Now i can use ConnectX and leave FSD 3 forever... But there seems to be one thing (Bug???) left. All my Games are stored on a Windows Server PC as GOD Container. All works fine, loading takes a bit longer as from local USB HDD, but not that bad i think. BUT.... Multi-Disc Games do not work like it should be. First of All: I use JTAG/RGH XBox 360 for 4 Years now. I do know all kind of Swap methods. For Example: Bioshock Infinite: Extracted Disc 2 and copied the Content on internal HDD. Works just fine. I don't use extracted Discs only GODS, because i don't want to have too many files on the hdd on the server. (Slower copy and loading times) I have no Swap.xex or the Autoswap feature of Dashlaunch active. But i tried to start Dead Space 2 and 3 (No Content Folder available) with the second disc from Aurora to test if the Autoswap from aurora works. But it doesn't work. Disc loads fine until you start a Single Player game. After loading for a while a window pops up, that wants me to swap to disc 1. Console is not freezing, but you can't go on, because aurora doesn't swap the disc. Second Test (Tried the same with FSD 3 B-775): Started the Game with Disc 2, started Single Player Game, loading for a while, BUT then (Where the window came to swap disc - Aurora) it seems to hang for three seconds (Swapping disc i think) and then it's starting loading again and the game begins. Have i found a little bug in Aurora or is there a solution for this problem? Xbox 360 is on newest Dash (17349) and Dashlaunch 3.15. Games were loaded from the same Place. (Network - ConnectX) Disc Swap works with FSD 3 BUT NOT with Aurora.... Strange Thing
  14. GREAT Work Guys!!! Now PLEASE support for Connectx plugin and i would be happy!
  15. The only Point i would also like to see on this *WOW* Dashboard would be the integration of the connectx plugin!!! It's the only thing that let's me stay mainly on FSD3, because all my games are stored on a NAS, which works really nice on a Synology NAS! PLEASE make it possible to use this plugin in Aurora! Until now AWESOME work guys!!! THANKS!!!!!
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