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  1. Hello guys I have moved my 360 to the living room as nowadays it contains games for my kids more than for me. My previous DVD player stopped working after 10 years and the 360 has taken that place in the AV cabinet. I have almost not used the DVD drive on this console since the day I bought it. It is a RGHed slim Trinity. What I am trying to find is if there is a way to mod the DVD drive so it can play DVDs from all regions, today it only plays region 2 disks. I still have a huge collection of region 1 disks that I would love to play on the 360. I have Googled the topic for some time and strangely has not found much info about this. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. I am not sure m8, I posted this a long time ago. Is it Bioshock Infinity you are trying to install? Exactly what version of the game do you have? The ISOs I had had the structure as explained in my post. If you are trying with another game and it does not show other files on Disk 2 it is probably not the same case as the GOTY / COmplete edition versions. There are several methods the publishers use to package XB360 games. My only advise could be to search using Google with the title of the game and RGH or JTAG, usually this will show how the game should be installed in the console. Good luck.
  3. In my case both options are disabled. I cannot even think how long have it taken if these options were enabled. At the end I think I can survive. Aurora is a very nice step in the right direction after FSD3. I am very grateful with the dedicated team that is behind its development because even after so many years the XB360 is still going strong thanks in part to people like them.
  4. Thank you for your efforts Swizzy. I will look more into this to see if I can correct the database so the games that are not been placed where they should be are then "moved" to the correct category. Hopefuly this will be much easier when the next version is out and it give us the function for making these kind of changes from Aurora itself instead of needing directly edition of the content.db file. I think Aurora is a fantastic piece of software. It is in many aspects already leaps ahead of FSD3.
  5. Thanks Swizzy. I will be waiting for the next update. For now I guess I will manually edit the content.db file on my Mac.
  6. Thanks, I had then understand the concept. What got me confused was the part about the "flags which are defined as the power of 2" that Swizzy posted
  7. Would you mind elaborating on that part QuattroGam3r? I did not understand what Swizzy ment and how to apply this in practice. I can of course check my own database and compare the flag values but I would love to understand how the system works. Thank you.
  8. ~850 titles: ~20s Aurora starting time I have a 2TB internal Samsung ST2000LM003 M9T 2TB Sata III hard drive.
  9. I wonder why there is no script data category for XBLA as there is for emulators and homebrew? A few of my XBLA games are been recognized as full Xbox 360 games and I don't know how to tell Aurora to place them under the XBLA quick view filter. My XBLA games are in their own XLBA folder, separated from my Xbox 360 games but since there is no script data category for XBLA I have to leave this in None when I am scanning the path. In FSD3 I didn't have this problem as I could mark the path as XBLA when importing it.
  10. Great dash. Just installed it and now am learning my way around it. So far it looks good. Thanks go to the hole team back it. Keep on the great work guys!
  11. Thanks Swizzy. You have always been of great service to the JTAG community, Your work is really appreciated.
  12. Reading your instructions I now see that you have to have Linux installed to do this. I don't have it. Have just a laptop with very limited hard disk space. I think I will leave the things as they are for now until one of you dev guys post a version of Xell with this problem fixed. I you happen to post this fixed version again I will be very grateful.
  13. I see. My Linux experience is very limited. I am usually very eager to learn new stuff, and compiling this seems like a very nice project, but as everything in life this is going to take some time for it to be done right and at the moment I have too much in my plate both at work and home. I feel that if I rush and do something wrong, it can screw up the 360, and that will bring sadness to me and my little daughter. That would be amazing, and very kind from your part Swizzy. Is it easy to install? I don't use Xell often, but sometimes I use the DVD drive to rip games using FSD3 so disconnecting or disabling the drive outside Xell is not a good option for me at the moment. Thanks a lot.
  14. Hey Swizzy I am kind of stuck here. I have just updated software to 17150 using xeBuild_GUI_2.095 and I was thinking that Xell was going to be updated too when building the new NAND, but I still have v0.993 after the update. As you can see from this picture this version of Xell is presenting the known bug that makes it hang on SATA DVD discovery. Where can I download a newer version like the one you provided on your last post /the link is now dead)? Could you point me to an easy guide on how to install the newer Xell? Thank you.
  15. Are you using the files I posted or new files updated to February 2015? If you are using the old files it looks like a hash problem. Have you rehashed the files 2 times in Horizon? Several people have posted that they succeeded loading the September 2014 squads from those files so I recommend you to double check the steps I posted.
  16. Nice that it worked for you.I have found after that not all the DLCs where enabled for playing. It was really a random thing because everything looked enabled from the menu. I was unlocking some things with XM360 and found that 1 Bioshock Infinite DLC was still locked. The program unlocked it without any problems with some other content that showed up as locked too from other games, basically XBLA stuff. I usually don't run XM360 so I didn't know that there was locked content on the console.
  17. Well, I didn't give up. I was going to download the DLCs separately but decided to attack this first from another angle I want to share this in case that anyone here has the same problem. This procedure applies to games like GOTY versions or Complete editions where the DLCs are released as an additional disk separated from the main game. Here is what I did to make it work: 1. Use ISO2GOD to convert Disk 1 (the main game) to GOD format and transfer to the XBox 360 as usual. 2. Use Xbox Backup Creator or any other tool like it to extract disk 2. Do not convert it to GOD. Look into the extracted files and find the folder CONTENT\0000000000000000\FFED2000\FFFFFFFF\. This folder contains all the DLCs. 3. Transfer all the contents from this FFFFFFFF folder to the Xbox into HDD1\CONTENT\0000000000000000\(GAME_TITLE_ID)\00000002\ 4. Play your DLCs The problem in my case was that at the beginning I had converted Disk 2 to GOD. I got also confused by the FFED2000 folder when I later decided to use Xbox Backup Creator and I was just using it instead of 00000002. That folder structure must be totally ignored. The option to play the DLCs got finally enabled on the main menu. I hope this help others.
  18. Bummer, thanks. The DVD drive of my RGH is not hacked with LT+ so it does not read any game-disk that is not original. Do you know if it is possible to hack the DVD drive on an RGH without having to open the console? I have tried with all the burned games I had previous to get the RGH (they all worked on my previous 360 that had iExtreme firmware but was not RGH/JTAG-ed) and none of them work on this console.
  19. Hello I have downloaded Bioshock Infinite Complete Edition RF (P2P). It comes on 2 DVDs. DVD 1 is the game and DVD 2 includes al the DLCs. Disk1 (the main game) plays fine but can someone with a JTAG/RGH explain to me how can I install the disk 2 content? I have tried everything I could think of with no success: -Have used iso2god to convert both disks. Disk 1 plays fine but disk 2 just exits me to dash after launching it -Have manually copied the GOD files extracted from disk 2 to HDD1/content/0000000000000000 -Have used Xbox backup Creator to extract the ISO and tried to launch disk 2. I just get thrown out into the dash. -Have copied the content/0000000000000000/FFED2000 folder from disk 2 to HDD1 None of these methods activate the expansions when I enter the game. The expansion menu is still grayed out I have installed the latest title update with FSD3 already I really appreciate your help
  20. Thanks a lot for the great work guys.
  21. Here are the update files I used. They are up to date to sep 27. I have found most of the teams I have play with updated, but I have not checked them all. Here is what you must do for they to work: This should work with all Title IDs but i have only tried it with FIFA 15 Tiitle ID 454109DB (The NTSC USA release). Credits to funkandsoul from xbox___iso.com for uploading the files there. 1. Configure a USB stick as Xbox 360 storage on the console. 2. Copy a save game (made while you were signed in with your profile) from your FIFA 15 to the USB stick USING THE NXE (Settings>Storage). This is important so the files are transferred to the stick correctly signed and hashed with your profile. 3. Access the USB stick in Windows with Horizon and open the FIFA save game. 4. Copy JUST THESE VALUES somewhere: Profile ID and Device ID. The other values are not important and can stay as 0000... You can now close your save game file, you don’t need it anymore. 5. Open the Squad Update file and the Assets file in Horizon. 6. Replace the Profile ID and Device ID with your own values you have copied before from your own saved game file. 7. Press SAVE, REHASH and RESIGN. Once you get the ok message press ok and press again the same button. I use to do the rehash process twice because I have seen problems with Horizon in the past, double rehashing use to work well always. 8. SAVE the modified 2 files on your PC. DO NOT TRANSFER THEM TO THE USB STICK. It maybe works to inject the files into the stick with Horizon and let the NXE copy them to your HDD but I did not do it like that. I FTPed the files to the console. 9. Use FTP, USB, SAMBA or whatever you prefer to transfer the 2 files to Hdd1:\Content\Profile-ID\454109DB\00000001\ 10. Load FIFA 15 with the latest Title Update and with your profile signed up (use FSD3 or whatever to get the Title Update activated), go to CUSTOMIZE>PROFILE>LOAD SQUADS. Choose the new squad file and load it (it will maybe show in foreign characters but this does not matter). Note: The Assets file is maybe loaded automatically, I did not load that one. 11. Go and check the teams and enjoy the updated game . IMO This year's FIFA rocks! Hope this helps
  22. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It was not easy to find but I finally got the squad update in the form of 2 files that I had to sign and rehash with Horizon so they could work in my console.
  23. Hi I downloaded FIFA 15_USA_XBOX360-PROTOCOL, converted it to GOD and the game is working ok as expected. The situation that i have found is that all the squads are outdated compared to the real life. For example: Manchester United still shows Kagawa and Chicharito instead of showing Blind and Falcao, all of these transfers that happened on september the 1st when the transfer window closed. I downloaded title update 1 using FSD3 and I was thinking that this was going to update the squads, but it did not happen. How can I update the squads if i cannot connect to the EA servers from the RGH for doing so? Thanks.
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