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  1. excellent program that makes you change images quickly and easily thanks👍
  2. congratulations, you have created skins with very special music and videos I envy you for your ability to do this, it would be wonderful to have tutorials to understand the procedure but I understand that it is difficult because it would be a long job, I hope you will invent other even more particular skins because the excellent skills you have thanks
  3. Thanks, guide successfully found and tested, but is it possible to insert a video file as a loading screen? Last thing: is there also a guide to insert music?
  4. Hi can I change the Aurora loading screen? is there any guide? I would like to put this picture: or the same image but in video format. Even using the XZP Tool program I don't know which file to extract and which programs to use to make the change
  5. thanks for the sad but quick reply 😭
  6. hi guys will there be future updates for aurora? or version 07b.1 and the final one?
  7. which skin are you using?
  8. I tried to install the Italian language by inserting it in: Media / Locales going into the language change settings but it does not detect it, maybe because the file is in XML format while the right format must be in xzp?
  9. Thank you friend for the skin and for the link of the Italian language
  10. for now and the best skin in circulation maybe you should repair a bit the speed and image of the avatar but I'm happy that implemented this great feature. it remains only to wait for the Italian language
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