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  1. unfortunately again it doesn't work is it possible to do an update to solve the problem?
  2. I made a small donation because you deserve so much for the work you are doing now more than ever with the release of rgh3 our beloved 360 is back to life I have done a lot of installations and it is very important because it means there will be more people able to dedicate yourself to 360 with a community in continuous growth
  3. we are hoping for some program updates or fixes to fix this error, because it is a very useful program
  4. Here is a mega collection of 3346-GPD's including help and software GPD's_3346_+Tutorial.rar
  5. This is a collection of all the trainers that I have managed to collect in the past and in the present scattered around the web grouped in a single collection of 578 trainers Aurora_Trainers_578_Pack.rar
  6. excellent program that makes you change images quickly and easily thanks👍
  7. congratulations, you have created skins with very special music and videos I envy you for your ability to do this, it would be wonderful to have tutorials to understand the procedure but I understand that it is difficult because it would be a long job, I hope you will invent other even more particular skins because the excellent skills you have thanks
  8. Thanks, guide successfully found and tested, but is it possible to insert a video file as a loading screen? Last thing: is there also a guide to insert music?
  9. Hi can I change the Aurora loading screen? is there any guide? I would like to put this picture: or the same image but in video format. Even using the XZP Tool program I don't know which file to extract and which programs to use to make the change
  10. thanks for the sad but quick reply 😭
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