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  1. One of the good guys keeping this scene alive :)

  2. I have no words and spectacular, finally a skin worthy of being called a skin would be the most beautiful skin without discussion hoping that you will have the time to complete it and publish it and if possible also add the avatar on the home screen. It would become the default skin on all my installations of rgh that I'm selling
  3. To achieve perfection, if possible, the speed of the animation movements should be corrected
  4. Very good, no skin and person has ever corrected the avatar animation, finally someone was able to correct this error and I congratulate you, thanks
  5. unfortunately again it doesn't work is it possible to do an update to solve the problem?
  6. I made a small donation because you deserve so much for the work you are doing now more than ever with the release of rgh3 our beloved 360 is back to life I have done a lot of installations and it is very important because it means there will be more people able to dedicate yourself to 360 with a community in continuous growth
  7. we are hoping for some program updates or fixes to fix this error, because it is a very useful program
  8. Here is a mega collection of 3346-GPD's including help and software GPD's_3346_+Tutorial.rar
  9. This is a collection of all the trainers that I have managed to collect in the past and in the present scattered around the web grouped in a single collection of 578 trainers Aurora_Trainers_578_Pack.rar
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