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    Your rom set are properly to fba next version (current emu is v0.27.28 but romset are v0.27.31 already)? Do you have 2 roms bios for neo geo to work? I'm attaching those bios files, just put in your "roms" folder if you need it. neocdz.zip neogeo.zip
  2. That's what I did on mine pendrive to boot both FSD and Aurora, by editing lauch.ini with FSD path then opened Aurora from homebrew later, after setup in content paths.
  3. Thanks for guidance... I've checked the sort script and added a little function to solve an issue (titles starting with space). So, I've wrote trim's functions to use in a hole project when needed. I think we need this kind of script as global when we need to include some functions that lua doesn't support natively. But I don't know the better way to add some feature to current script, maybe a pull request? where? Anyway, I've wrote "GlobalFunctions.lua" trying to start a global place to put useful functions that can be used by all scripters later. So, its allowed? can I upload into scripts section?
  4. Nice skin!!! But without your logo should be cleaner and still amazing
  5. Thx! I was hoping something like that DLC Browser scene to be encouraged to play M.A.M.E romset
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